Elroi : Protection Warfare v1.17.05 (Mod Apk)

Very simple battles! Embark on an adventurous expedition to lead a brand new continent!
Lead a whole new continent by developing your characters and implementing some kind of solution!
Huge bosses and incredible ruins are in front of you.

– A tower defense RPG where one can have fun without getting bored!
– Various regions! More than 500 stages!
– Invasion, defense, time attack and boss battles!
– Big bosses!
– Collect hidden artifacts and activate basic artifact results!
– More than 200 wacky and awesome characters!
– Easy controls and personality enhancement!
– And finally, an unknown new continent looking for you…

Easy game principles that anyone can enjoy, even for rookies!
Summon your characters with a simple tap, defeat monsters and smash enemy towers to see incredible artifacts.
Collect artifacts and hire and nurture base heroes and main characters to grow your crew.

EK Video Games Co., Ltd.
Elroi: Defense War
Elroi: Defense War
Elroi: Defense War
Elroi: Defense War
Elroi: Defense War
Elroi: Defense War


  • 1. No summoning restrictions
    2. Summon will no longer be consumed

– There are no longer any restrictions on summoning and it can no longer be consumed


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