Diamond Grab Brawl Stars Game Mode

How to Play Brawl Stars Diamond Grab?

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Brawl Stars Diamond Grab Mode

 What is Brawl Stars Diamond Grab Game Mode?

Diamond Grab Brawl Stars

Collect Diamonds from the Diamond Mine in the middle of the map. Or, just pick them up from fallen opponents! Hold ten gems during the countdown to win the game!

in game It is the first game mode. It is played in teams of 3 to 3. The game 3:30 secondsit ends too.

Each one in the Diamond Catch Event There are two teams of 3 players. In the middle of the arena 7 every second There is a Diamond mine that produces purple diamonds.

Diamond Catch - Brawl Stars Game Mode
Diamond Grab – Brawl Stars Game Mode

Purpose of the game mode

  • The purpose of your team 10 diamonds is to obtain.
  • When a player is defeated, they drop all the diamonds they collect.
  • When there are 10 diamonds in a suit, a 15 second countdown will appear on the screen. If the counter reaches 0, the team that gets the countdown wins.
  • If an enemy is defeated and drops enough diamonds for their team to drop below 10, the countdown will stop and reset.
  • in both teams 10'If there are more than XNUMX diamonds and the same number of diamonds, the countdown will not start until a team gets more diamonds.
  • There can never be more than 29 Diamonds in the game.
  • 29. A 30 second countdown will start when the diamond appears. When this timer expires, the game will end and the team with the most Diamonds wins.
  • Also, when there are at least 10 Diamonds on the map, the mine will not produce any more Diamonds until a player gets one.

Which Characters Are The Best In The Diamond Catch?

Which Characters Are The Best In The Diamond Catch?
Which Characters Are The Best In The Diamond Catch?
  • Nita: With her relatively high health and area damage, Nita is a great character to deal with groups of enemies collecting diamonds. In addition, the bear can not only find the enemies hiding in the bushes and force them to move away, but can also be used to protect the gem bearer and keep the enemies away from the diamonds if the gem bearer is taken.
  • Pam: Pam is arguably the best diamond bearer in the game.. Mother's Hug star power ve Pulse Modulator accessorygoodAlong with his healing turret, he can keep his team alive, and his high health allows his tank to do some damage to get gems. Mother Love star powercan also be used in this game mode to control the enemy area much easier.
  • Poco: Poco is a great diamond carrier. His rampant attacks can do a lot of damage to groups of enemies, and to stay in battle he can He can heal his teammates. Little, Pink It's very successful on tanks like, especially with star power : Da Capo! and Tuner accessory allows tanks to be consistently aggressive without having to constantly revert to healing.
  • Jessie ve Penny: When enemies are summoned, their ability to hit multiple targets can deal a lot of damage, allowing them to hold diamonds very well. Supers are also good for controlling an area and distracting enemies, better for Penny to place behind walls.
  • Mileage: Can use his Super to grab enemy diamonds either for himself or his teammates. The Psychic Booster device is also useful for tracking down enemies (especially diamond bearers) in the bushes.
  • Pink: Rosa's Super lets her go in and out of the diamond mine, even if all three players are attacking her. Being a heavyweight allows him to both catch up with the diamond bearer and defeat them. The Plant Life Star Power can keep him alive, especially if the diamond bearer is rosa. The Growing Light accessory can connect strips of bush to get in and out of stones much easier.
  • Gene: Gene's Super can be used to catch someone on the run, making it easier for your team. It can also hit the diamond carrier and potentially change the course of the game. Magical Mist Star Power is very important for this mod because Gene's teammates will likely be injured while trying to get the diamonds, so he can heal his teammates, especially the diamond bearer.
  • Tick : Tick can be used to control the area around it. If you throw its superpower towards the enemy with the most diamonds, the robot has a chance to beat the opponent. In such a case, rely on the tanks or yourself to get the diamonds.
  • Bo: Bo can be used as a great diamond carrier. When he gets his Super, he can spawn it right in front of the diamond mine. The enemy with the most diamonds will most likely fall into a bomb trap.
  • Barley : While not necessarily a high-level diamond bearer, attacking early can delay opponents' access to the diamond mine, forcing players to stay away from bushes, and keeping opponents at a distance, keeping a teammate with a lot of diamonds safe.
  • emz: Emz acts as a bodyguard for a diamond bearer, keeping enemies at bay with his area control attack and Super. Pink, Jacky Players like can be stopped on their tracks by a combination of his main attack and a slowed Super. His biggest threats are enemy snipers and shooters who can beat him at range.
  • Mr. P: Mr.P is a great diamond bearer and can even support a good teammate. Their attacks can bounce off walls, allowing massive area denial and not allowing enemies to heal from behind them. His Super is very useful in this mode – his carriers can constantly spawn to fire a shot or two for your teammates or seek out offensive enemies, and the Revolving Doors can be even more helpful with Star Power, as robo-carriers will spawn more.
  • Spike: Spike can deal massive damage at close range or grouped enemies due to his basic attack that explodes on impact and his omni-directional spikes, making it easy to defeat the gem bearer. His super ability is also very useful for controlling the gem mine or slowing the retreating enemy team with diamonds.
  • Sandy: Sandy can provide a lot of value by putting her Super down, allowing her teammate chariots to dodge and get an easy win. The Sleep Bringer accessory can keep him alive if he's carrying a diamond. Sandy also has a piercing attack, so she can deal damage to enemies stuck together.
  • Gale: Gale plays in this mode as arguably the best support. Not only can he use his superpower to push enemies away from diamonds or the diamond bearer, he can also use the Bow Pusher accessory to allow himself and his teammates to quickly take control of the center. Additionally, his high damage allows him to quickly defeat low- or medium-health enemies if he gets close to any of them.
  • Colette: Colette is a good tank counter for many tanks common in this game mode because she can easily beat them. His Super can also be useful for collecting diamonds from fallen opponents or from the diamond mine.
  • Max: Max is a great player for this mod because he can rush with his accessory on and then retreat to safety. Max can also benefit the team's diamond bearer by increasing his speed with his and his teammates' Super.

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Brawl Stars Diamond Grab Maps

Brawl Stars Diamond Grab Maps
Brawl Stars Diamond Grab Maps

                Brawl Stars Diamond Grab Maps

Brawl Stars Diamond Grab Maps

Brawl Stars Diamond Grab Maps
Brawl Stars Diamond Grab Maps    
Brawl Stars Diamond Grab Maps
Brawl Stars Diamond Grab Maps                                                 

How to Win Diamond Grab?

Brawl Stars Diamond Grab Game Mode
How to Win Diamond Grab?

Diamond Grab Tactics

  1. Controlling the area around the diamond mine is important early in the game. Keep the enemy away while your team collects gems as they appear.
  2. If you're holding most of your team's diamonds, don't advance without support from your team's Warriors. If you are defeated without backup, the enemy team will easily collect all your diamonds and take the upper hand.
  3. If you're part of the losing team during the countdown, you don't have to go to the enemy with the most diamonds. Defeat any enemy that can stop the countdown, collect the diamonds and retreat.
  4. If you are part of the winning team during the countdown, it will be most advantageous to retreat if you are holding jewels or to protect your teammates who are holding your team's jewels.
  5. A common strategy is to have an aggressive player, a diamond bearer, and a support player. The aggressive player's task is usually to provoke the other team and enter enemy territory to do so. The diamond bearer must carry all the jewels and be protected by the supporting player. Common diamond carriers Pam, Poco ve Jessieis . They also have support mechanisms that can assist the diamond carrier.
  6. their super (Piper, Darryl, etc.) When playing a character who can travel using it, do not try to jump into the diamond mine without support unless you are carrying diamonds.

diamond snatch with tick


diamond snatch brawl stars


Diamond Catch

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How to Play: Diamond Grab| Brawl Stars