Elden Ring: What Happens If You Accept Rebirth? | rebirth

Elden Ring: What Happens If You Accept Rebirth? | Rebirth , Elden Ring: Rebirth ; Elden Ring players wondering if they should accept respawn from Rennala can find all the details about the mechanic in this guide.

After defeating the Full Moon Queen Rennala at Elden Ring's Raya Lucaria Academy, players will have the opportunity to talk to her. “Rebirth" ' Rebirth ' is one of the options that can be selected during this conversation, and doing so will bring up a prompt asking fans if they want to use a Larval Tear to accept rebirth. Before accepting this, players can request more information on what will happen if they accept respawn in the Elden Ring, and it can be found in full here.

Elden Ring: A Guide to Rebirth

pretty simple, rebirth Players who accept will be instructed to reassign their level “from square one”. This means that the character's level and attribute points will be reset to their original values ​​at the start of the game, and fans will have to reallocate their points until they return to their current level. As such, rebirth functions as a way to show respect in Elden Ring, allowing fans to make changes to their build during a game.

Since a Larval Tear is required for each respawn, players cannot always show respect to their characters. Fortunately, Elden Ring has over a dozen guaranteed Larval Teardrops, meaning fans shouldn't hesitate to try out the myriad builds as they progress through the Lands Between. However, players may wish to have an extra rip on their hands before performing any major feats should their new builds fall short.

Elden Ring: Rebirth
Elden Ring: Rebirth

It should be noted that if a player finally decides they are not ready to pay respect, it is indeed possible to cancel the respawn and avoid losing Larval Tear. This is done by pressing the “Back” entry shown in the lower left corner of the respawn menu. Fans will receive a warning when they press this entry confirming they are holding their Tear, and they can return to Elden Ring's Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon and use the item in the future.

One last thing to mention is that players may want to tinker around a bit about soft caps in Elden Ring before they start using Larval Tears to reallocate attribute points. For the uninitiated, soft caps are points where increasing an attribute point becomes less beneficial, and there are several of these points for each stat. While fans can certainly complete the game regardless of soft covers, they are instructive when working to optimize a build.

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