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Elden Ring “Nokron” Eternal City Everything you need to know about in this article items, npc, graces and much more! in front of you The complete Nokron Guide! nocron, Eternal Cityis a Location in Elden Ring. Nokron, the site of the Eternal City, is a sprawling city ruin located one level above the Siofra River. Much like the Siofra River, this subterranean region has features you might mistake for a terrestrial space – fauna, growing vegetation, and a seemingly star-studded sky. You can reach this area by descending a large hole in the ground in southern Mistwood, formed by a falling star after the Starscourge defeated Radahn. See below for where the meteor fell on your map.

Technically, using Nokron, the Eternal City Waygate located in The Four Belfries in Liurnia of the Lakes is from you to Nokron. Map Link (This requires Imbued Sword Key). However, Nokron, be aware that the Eternal City Pass sends you to a small section of the map with an optional battle against a Little Crucible Knight. The full map is only accessible after defeating Starscourge Radahn.

An ancient city punished for treason against the Great Will

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  • No Map Fragment: Nokron shares a map with the Eternal City, Siofra River.

nocron location map


Grace Site Locations

  • Ancestral Forests
  • Cliffs Against Aqueduct
  • Great Waterfall Basin
  • Mimic Tear
  • Holy Land of the Night
  • Nokron, Eternal City


Sub Locations

  • hallowhorn grounds
  • Sacred Place of the Night
  • Siofra Aqueduct
  • Coffin (To Deep Root Depths)


  • D's Twin Sister – Found sitting on the Siofra Aqueduct. Gives you in exchange for the Twin Armor set.

Inner Order movement from hand to ring


  • There are no merchants in this area.



  • Dewkissed Herba
  • Formal Rock
  • Golden Centipede
  • Melted Mushroom
  • Nascent Butterfly
  • Rune Arc
  • Silver Firefly
  • Silver Tear Husk
  • Trina's Lily

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  • Ghost Glovewort (3)
  • Ghost Glovewort (4)
  • Ghost Glovewort (5)
  • Great Ghost Glovewort
  • Smithing Stone (2)
  • Smithing Stone (3)
  • Smithing Stone (5)
  • Somber Smithing Stone (4)
  • Somber Smithing Stone (5)
  • Somber Smithing Stone (6)



  • Clarifying Horn Charm +1

Clarifying Horn Charm +1 Elden Ring

  • Crucible Hornshield

Crucible Hornshield Hand Ring

  • Ghostflame Torch

Ghostflame Torch Hand Ring

  • Mottled Necklace +1 => The Spotted Necklace is a Talisman in Elden Ring. The Spotted Necklace can be used by the player to increase their Toughness, Immunity and Focus (Robustness, Immunity, Focus). Players can use Charms in Elden Ring to increase various Stats.

Mottled Necklace +1 Hand Ring

  • Order Healing

Order Healing Hand Ring

  • Silver Tear Mask

Silver Tear Mask Hand Ring

  • Nox Flowing Hammer

Now Flowing Hammer Hand Ring 1


  • Ancestral Infant's Head
  • Ash of War: Enchanted Shot
  • Black Whetblade
  • Celestial Dew
  • Fingerslayer Blade
  • Furcalling Finger Remedy
  • Ghost-Glovewort Picker's Bell Bearing (1)
  • Greatshield Soldier Ashes
  • “Inner Order” Gesture
  • Larval Tear
  • Mimic Tear Ashes
  • Missionary's Cookbook (5)
  • Stonesword Key



  • Ancestral Follower
  • Lesser Crucible Knight
  • Fallen Hawks Soldier
  • Silver Tear
  • Swordstress



Valiant Gargoyle Elden Ring



After the Starscourge Radahn defeats Nokron, the Eternal City opens. Head back to Mistwood and head south until you find a large crater in the area west of Fort Haight. You have to jump into the crater to get there, but at a certain point. Just randomly jumping into the hole can kill you. Descend from the crater using the platforms located on the east side of the crater and you will eventually arrive at the Eternal City of Nokron. On the way, watch out for corpses with Golden Runes (5) and two Soporific Greases on them.

At this point, you are just on the outskirts of Nokron. This Eternal City shares a map piece with the Siofra River, so navigating this area can be confusing; even if you open your map right now it shows that you are outside of the map. Getting to the main part of the city from here is pretty straightforward – head northeast to a knocked down building, remember that a Rune Arc can be found on a corpse lying on the roof of a building to the south. Head north by enlarging the building and pass through one of the windows on the side of the standing building that opens into a cave. Be sure to loot the corpses on this ledge for Furlcalling Finger Remedy and a Smithing Stone (5) before descending on the Fallen Hawks Soldiers location. After clearing the enemies and collecting the Ghost Glovewort (3), go through the north gate to interact with Nokron, the Eternal City Blessing Zone, and you will now emerge into the heart of the city.


Just ahead, lying on the steps of a gazebo is a corpse with Ghost-Glovewort Picker's Bell Bearing (1) on them. Where you can collect it, there are corpses with Iron Stone (4), Iron Stone (5) and Gloomy Iron Stone (4) along with Ghost Gloves (3) and Ghost Gloves (4). . If you head east, next to the stairs leading down you will find a small graveyard where you can collect Great Shield Soldier Ashes and two Ghost Gloves (3). In the building opposite the cemetery you will find a corpse with Larval Tear inside, guarded by two Fallen Hawks Soldiers.

When you have finished collecting the items in this area, go down the stairs to the east and turn right around the corner. You will be able to see a fog gate in the distance. For another Larval Tear, Ghost Glovewort (3), and Golden Rune (7), loot corpses on your way to it. Turn for a Rune Arc on a corpse, under the crumbling steps. When you're ready to face the boss, go through the fog.

You will find yourself in a huge temple ruin, where the boss cannot be seen. Approach the center of the arena and the slime puddle will reveal itself as Mimic Tear that transforms into your character. Mask of Silver Tears, defeat him for two Larval Tears and proceed towards Nokron, the Eternal City.


After exiting the arena, cross the bridge and as you cross you will find a Teardrop Scarab which drops an Iron Stone (5) and a Ghost Glove (3). As soon as it's safe, turn left and get off the bridge. Walk west until you reach the Ancestral Woods Grace District. Jump onto the roof of the building, facing southwest. Don't worry about collecting items in the northeast just yet, you'll be back here later. Jump onto the ledge of the next building and turn right, then jump onto the corpse hanging above the handrail with the Refreshing Boluses on it. You've reached Night's Sacred Ground, but the safe landing path may not be clear yet. Keep following the edge of this building and you'll find another Rune Arc on a corpse at the top of the grand staircase to your right. Turn left facing the corpse with the Rune Arc, you can run and jump into the building to the west/northwest. From here, turn right (turn north) and walk along the ledge, turn a corner to find a Celestial Dew. Follow the ledge on your right and return to this building where you landed. You can jump to another building to collect a Silver Tear Shell. Return to the building via the stairs with the Rune Arc. With another Silver Tear Shell on your feet, jump across (the side of the stairs should now be on your face). Now turn right and jump to the next building with a dome-shaped roof where Silver Tears hang. These Silver Tears will be more difficult to deal with as they can transform into silver-skinned humanoids. Defeat them, collect Rune(7) and Silver Tear Shell (x3), then follow the edge of the building east, wrap around the corner, then cross another corner to find the Nascent Butterfly. Head back to the remnants of the broken wall, where you can go down and progress to reach the open windows on the other side.

You must now find yourself in the main temple of Night's Sacred Ground. On the corpse piled in front of the altar, you will find the Black Whetblade. Head east through the corridor and ahead you'll find a little devil statue next to a door that must be opened with a Stone Sword Key. Before you go inside, return to the room with the Black Whetblade. There are three open windows on the left side of the wall. You want to jump through the first window on your left (if it comes from the Imp Statue that received the Stone Sword Key). Kill the enemy from where you fell outside the window, then run and jump over the gap. Head towards the buttress, go through another window on your right and stay on the roof to find the Nascent Butterfly. Now go back to the open window you passed through, jump in and you can claim the Nox Flowing Hammer from a corpse. Go down into the room, point the wall to your right/north when you get down. You will encounter a staircase that will take you back to the room with the Black Whetblade. Return to the Imp Statues that require Stone Sword Keys. Inside you will find a Sword, a chest containing Mimic Tear Ashes, and an Iron Stone (3). Go back through the corridor and go down to the lower level of the temple. The large silver ball is a Silver Tear in disguise and drops Larval Tear upon defeat. If you're looking for more of these drops, you'll find a few more of these hidden Silver Tears in Noxtella, the Eternal City. Exit the temple entrance and descend the stairs to find a Grace Site on your left.

After resting, head northeast of the road, defeat the enemies and loot corpses along the way, including a Celestial Dew and Golden Rune (7). It should be noted that the Silver Tear just below the stairs has turned into a Troll. At the top of the stairs and under the huge skeleton on his throne, you'll find a chest containing Nokron's Hidden Treasure, Finger Killer Knife, and the Great Ghost Glove. The gateway next to this giant statue will take you back to the Ancestral Woods Grace Zone.


Feel free to explore this hilly part of Nokron and its ruins to collect valuables. If you descend into the ruins with many pillars under the bridge you crossed to get here, you can find a room with the Purifying Horn Talisman (+1), Celestial Dew, and Iron Stone (2). If you go out and head right, there is an Iron Stone (5) between the pillars.

While exploring, you may have noticed that there is another Hallowhorn Grounds area with unlit obelisks like the one in the Siofra River. You'll find the Spotted Necklace (+1) here by climbing the ruined supports. The altars you need to activate can be found in the following places:

  • Pillar One is on the edge of the cliff, next to the broken bridge you used to get here.
  • The Second Pillar is next to the brick road.
  • The Third Pillar is on the ledge beside the brick road with a singing Ancestral Follower beside it. A little southeast of this column you can find a Ghost Glove (4).
  • The Fourth Pillar is located next to a large rock. Further southwest, next to the cliffs, you can also find a Gloomy Iron Stone (5).
  • The Fifth Pillar is on the edge of the cliff, next to sunken ruins and is guarded by some Giant Rats and Ancestors Followers sing. [Elden Ring Map Link]. Teardrop Scarab, which drops Ash of War: Enchanted Shot, can also be found nearby.
  • The Sixth Column is behind a deer carcass in a ruin right next to the Hallowhorn Grounds.
  • Once you get to the Fifth Pillar, it may be worth taking a detour to the submerged ruins underwater. In a chest at the far end of the Ruins you will find the Ghost Gloves (5) and the Ancestral Infant's Head. When all six altars are lit, return to the Hallowhorn Grounds to challenge the Regal Ancestor Spirit and obtain the Regal Ancestral Remembrance.

Siofra Aqueduct

Now go to the abyss behind the Hallohorn Grounds, where there is a group of spirit jellyfish. If you look down there is a small ledge you can jump over. To your right is a corpse with the Stone Sword Key on it, and to your left is a cave with the Aqueduct-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace. Follow the path to the end of the cave and look down to see a support structure that you can jump on.

This tall structure is the Siofra Aqueduct. On the outer walls of the aqueduct are branching platforms where valuable items such as Order Healing enchantment, Golden Centipede, Rune Bow and Missionary Cookbook are located (5). You will also find an NPC (D.'s brother) sitting on the outside of the aqueduct giving you the Inner Order Movement. You can give him the Twin Armor Set, which you need to get from D.'s corpse (it is located in a new room opened next to the blacksmith, Fia is next to the corpse). This will advance Fia's finishing quest and you'll have the opportunity to reclaim D.'s armor as well as a bonus weapon.

Make your way to the lowest level of the Siofra Aqueduct and exit the structure to ascend to a cave at the base of a large waterfall. As you approach him, the Valiant Gargoyle will jump down from the ceiling, and after he regains about half health, the Valiant Gargoyle (Twinblade) jumps down to join him in the fight. Defeating them both and you will be rewarded with Gargoyle's Great Sword and Gargoyle's Twinblade. Great Waterfall Basin Site of Grace will be available after this boss fight. If you head north from here, you'll find a coffin that will take you to the Deep Root Depths.

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