Elden Ring: Where to Find Lanya? | Lanya Location

Elden Ring: Where to Find Lanya? | Lanya Location ; Finding Lanya in Elden Ring is part of a quest involving the figure known as Diallos. 

Except for the main questline of Elden Ring, there are over twenty hours of quests and other activities for players to complete. The main story itself is over forty hours long. So it should come as no surprise that there are some confusing targets in Elden Ring. This is evident in the quest to find Lanya, who gives the players the task of helping a man named Diallos find his comrade. It can be complicated, but it gets a lot easier once players know where to look.

Since its release, Elden Ring has dominated games with its epic scenery and engaging narrative. The title is often praised for its incredible (and difficult) gameplay, but it offers an equally interesting set of missions. For those wondering where to find Lanya, this post details where to look.

Elden Ring: Where to Find Lanya?

To find Lanya, players will need to go to Liurnia, to the Giant Lake. There, they will be able to find the Academy Gate Town Site of Grace. From there, they must travel to the northwest, where they will find Diallos, who gave them the task of finding Lanya, brooding over the woman's body. This area is sunken roofs and a short conversation with Diallos reveals that Lanya is dead. Unlike the Yura Bloody Finger Hunter quest, finding Lanya is just a matter of knowing where to look.

The quest involving Lanya continues after learning of her death. Diallos promises to catch the person who caused his death, which reveals another target for players. Of course, the task line is not necessary; Elden Ring has almost nothing. Players are free to explore the entire map from the beginning, with some adventurers going so far as to bypass Elden Ring's Stormveil Fortress entirely.

Indeed, besides completing the Lanya quest, Lands Between has dozens of other fun things that can grab players' attention. With catchy characters like Elden Ring's Iron Fist Alexander and beautiful venues like Limgrave, it's fair to say that FromSoftware has introduced yet another legendary game. With hundreds of thousands of players working to complete Elden Ring, it's no surprise that the missions in the game are challenging, fun and unique all at the same time, these three traits are shared by all of FromSoftware's epic indie games and franchises.

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