Elden Ring: How to Obtain White Mask? | White Mask

Elden Ring: How to Obtain White Mask? | White Mask ; Elden Ring's White Mask is the best rudder for builds that focus on blood loss, and this article will help players get it.

White Mask| White Mask  , Elden Ring'de blood loss It is a unique title that gamers building on it should definitely access. This armor provides a 20% attack damage increase for 10 seconds when there is blood loss nearby; this is a very powerful effect when combined with weapons like Elden Ring's Rivers of Blood katana or Eleonora's Poleblade. Getting the White Mask can be a little tricky, and this guide covers all the details about the process.

It's worth noting that several late game locations and general descriptions of a boss need to be explained to adequately explain how to obtain the White Mask in Elden Ring. While this guide tries to keep such spoilers to a minimum, players should be aware of their existence before continuing to read.

Elden Ring: White Mask Place

The first step to obtaining the White Mask It is to reach Mohgwyn Palace and there are several options for traveling to this place. One of these options is to use the Thoroughbred Knight Medal to teleport directly there, and this item is earned through White Mask Varre's questline. Alternatively, players can travel to Mohgwyn Palace through a passage in the Blessed Snow Field, an area accessed via the Haligtree Hidden Medallion of the Elden Ring, and the exact location of this transporter is shown on this map:

Regardless of a player's route to Mohgwyn Palace in the Elden Ring, they must advance towards the red liquid filled part of the field upon arrival. This area is located east of the mausoleum and west of the Palace Approach Ledge-Road Site of Grace, and fans will encounter some very nasty giant crows here. Players will also encounter several Nameless White Mask invaders in the middle of the red liquid and White MaskThey are the key to achieving the good.

Indeed, one of these invaders will drop the White Mask when killed, and players must navigate through the liquid and kill these NPCs until they get the item of interest. Notably, there are a total of three Anonymous White Mask invaders that may appear in this area, but fans can pick up the White Mask before they ship them all out. However, it is very important to note that these enemies will not spawn if a player defeats Mohg, the Lord of Blood of the Elden Ring, and fans who have already killed this powerful foe may need to look for the White Mask in NG+.



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