El Primo Brawl Stars Features and Costumes

Brawl Stars El Primo

In this writing El Primo Brawl Stars Features and Costumes We will examine, one of the characters preferred by many in the game and one of the easiest to obtain in the game. The cousinof star powers, accessories, and El primo skins We will provide information about

How to play El Primo, What are the Tips we will talk about them.

Here is all the details The cousin character…

El Primo Brawl Stars Features and Costumes
El Primo Brawl Stars Character

El Primo Brawl Stars Features and Costumes

high healthHe is a character preferred by many in the game because of his rapid punches at close range and his ability to inflict damage by jumping long distances. Rarity level one of the rare characters One of the characters, El Primo, is among the characters most likely to emerge from the boxes you open.

6000 Heavyweight wrestler El Primo with health throws a punch at his foes. His signature ability is a bouncing elbow drop that deals damage to anyone underneath.

El Primo also it has very high health and allows it to withstand a lot of damage. With his Super, he can jump a long distance and slam into opponents, dealing damage and pushing them away from the landing spot.

First accessory Suplex Supportallows him to grab his opponents and throw them over their shoulders.

Second accessory Meteorite Belt, Summons a small meteor that deals massive damage on impact.

First Star Power Flame Jump When his Super hits enemy targets, he sets the enemy on fire.

Second Star Power Meteor SpeedGrants her a speed boost after using her Super.

Attack: Furious Fists ;

El Primo unleashes a furious flurry of four fiery punches.
El Primo fires four punches at a short range, dealing high damage. El Primo has to be pretty close to his targets to hit them, but his punches pierce targets, making it possible for him to damage multiple enemies or boxes with each punch. The attack takes 0,8 seconds to complete.

Super: Wrestling Jump ;

Leaping high, El Primo drops an Intergalactic Elbow that circles around enemies and destroys cover!
When cast, El Primo's Super jumps to a designated location, dealing damage and knocking back enemies. The damage dealt is pretty low, as his Super is mostly used to put El Primo within range of enemies, allowing him to hit them with his main attack.

El Primo Brawl Stars Costumes

  • El Rudo Primo (80 diamonds)
  • El Rey Primo (150 diamonds)
  • Primo the Bear (150 diamonds)
  • Atomic El Primo (10000 star points)
  • Real Silver El Primo (10000 gold)
  • Real Gold El Primo (25000 gold)
El Primo Brawl Stars Features and Costumes
El Primo Brawl Stars Features and Costumes

El Primo Brawl Stars Features

  • Level 1 Health/10. Level Health: 6000/8400
  • Level 1 Damage/10. Level Damage: 360/504 (damage per punch)
  • Attack Range/Super Range: 3/9
  • Movement Speed: 770 (Can reach 963 with Meteor Speed, 1600 with Super)
  • Reload Time: 0,8 seconds
  • Super Charge Per Hit: 11,6%
  • Level 1 Super Damage/10. Level Super Damage: 800/1120

Health ;

Level Health
1 6000
2 6300
3 6600
4 6900
5 7200
6 7500
7 7800
8 8100
9 – 10 8400

El Primo Brawl Stars Star Power

warrior's 1. star power : Flame Jump ;

Enemies caught in El Primo's Super will burn for 4 damage over 1200 seconds.
When El Primo uses his Super, he sets fire to enemies he hits at the end of his leap. This burn causes affected enemies to take 4 total damage or 1200 damage per second over 300 seconds. Very similar to Crow's poison effect.

warrior's 2. star power : Meteor Speed ;

El Primo gains a 4.0% speed boost for 25 seconds after using his Super.
When El Primo hits the ground after using his Super, his speed will be greatly increased by 4% for 25 seconds.

El Primo Brawl Stars Accessory

Warrior's 1st accessory: Suplex Support ;

El Primo captures the closest enemy it can reach.

El Primo knocks enemies over their heads. This allows it to stun the enemy and knock them over walls.

Warrior's 2st accessory: Meteorite Belt ;

El Primo summons a small meteor to attack the nearest enemy. Deals 2000 damage and destroys walls.
When activated, El Primo summons a small meteor that deals 10 damage in a 3.33 square blast radius that targets any entity within 2000 squares. Meteor targets the closest enemy and takes 3 seconds to land. It breaks barriers.

El Primo Brawl Stars Features and Costumes
el primo brawl stars picture

El Primo Brawl Stars Tips

  1. The cousin can do high damage however, the range of their attacks is very short. To take down a powerful ranged enemy, players must find a way to get El Primo into range before the enemy moves away. Otherwise, they'll be able to knock El Primo down without taking damage.
  2. El Primo, Bull or a Shelly When confronted (without a Super), he must attack them only with the end of his range. This way, enemies can't hit all their bullets, reducing their damage and reloading their Supers more slowly. This should only be done with caution, and if it's a relatively safe situation to attack, Shelly can for example get in with her device or recharge her Super in one to two shots due to a pre-existing charge.
  3. El Primo's Super allows it to move a long distance relatively quickly, making it effective at catching enemies who are escaping dangerous situations or reaching and attacking long-range players.
  4. War BallnAlso, if you have a Super you can pass on your own. Use your high health to get into Super range of the castle, push the ball towards any obstacle and then use your Super to jump at them, knocking down enemies and overcoming the obstacle to give you an easy target.
  5. El Primo's Super,RobberyIt is also very useful because can jump into the safe and start punching quickly without having to go around the walls of the safe. He can also use the jump to take down enemies around the safe and break the wall so that other teammates can easily reach the safe.
  6. Diamond CatchWhile playing El Primo, it can also be used to repel enemies, giving the team a chance to take control of the gem mine.
  7. If you're using El Primo as the diamond bearer, his Super can be used to evade oncoming enemies.
  8. With a non-random teammate Double Showdown While playing, use El Primo to increase your chances of victory. Pam ve Poco with powerful healers such as or 8-bit, colt, Rico or a Brock It's best to pair it with long-range support units like
  9. War Ball While playing, El Primo's Super Ball is effective at getting out of the opponent's control and dealing damage, preventing them from scoring easily. This move can rebound if the enemy shoots the ball just as El Primo bounces.
  10. War Ballto clear the ball from an enemy Suplex Support accessory If given the option to use the or Super, use the accessory. This is because the accessory is more reliable than the Super and avoids breaking your own walls. However, during overtime, the Super is more useful as enemies are more likely to be out of range of your accessory.
  11. If the conditions are right, El Primo, ReckoningIt can also stand next to the poison gas, thereby gassing nearby enemies, potentially knocking them down.
  12. El Primo with a Super that helps deal with piercing attack, fast reload, high damage and large robot stacks Robot Invasionquite successful.

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