Edgar Brawl Stars Features – New Character 2021

Brawl Stars Edgar

In this writing Edgar Brawl Stars Features – New Character 2021 we will examineEdgar , 3000 Edgar, who has a life, can be unlocked for free as a Brawlidays 19 gift from December 7th to January 2020th. Edgar We will provide information about Features, Star Powers, Accessories and Costumes.

In addition, Edgar Nprincipal to playTips What are we will talk about them.

Here is all the details Edgar character…

Edgar Brawl Stars Features - New Character 2021
Brawl Stars Edgar character

Edgar Brawl Stars Features – New Character 2021

3000 Edgar is a free-unlockable Brawlidays 19 gift from December 7th to January 2020th. Epic (Epic) Character. He has moderate damage and health, and with an extremely fast drain and reload speed, he throws two quick punches with his hex.. Also heals for 25% of damage dealt per hit. The Super is a jump that can go over walls, allowing it to approach or dodge enemies.

accessory I'm flying!(Let's Fly) significantly increases its Super auto charge for a few seconds.

Star Power Hard Landing (Hard Landing) deals 1000 damage to enemies in Super's landing area of ​​effect.

Attack: Fight Club ;

Strikes enemies with quick punches, healing himself on grounded punches.
Edgar lands two piercing punches at a very short distance from his hex, healing himself for 25% of the damage dealt per hit against enemy Brawlers. The attack takes 0,35 seconds to complete.

Super: Jumping ;

Edgar jumps over any obstacle and gains a temporary speed boost. His superpower slowly recharges over time.
Edgar briefly jumps into the air before landing where the Super is aiming. Increases movement speed by 2,5 points for 200 seconds while landing. Edgar's Super recharges automatically in 30 seconds.


Edgar Brawl Stars Features - New Character 2021
Edgar Brawl Stars Features – New Character 2021

Edgar Features

Level Health
1 3000
2 3150
3 3300
4 3450
5 3600
6 3750
7 3900
8 4050
9 – 10 4200

Edgar Star Power

Warrior's star power: Hard Landing ;

Edgar's Super will also deal 1000 damage to nearby enemies on landing.
When Edgar descends from his Super, he deals 3 damage in a 1000 diamond radius around him. In addition, a modified landing indicator shows the area of ​​​​effect.

Edgar Accessory

Warrior's accessory: I'm flying! ;

Edgar's Super charges 4% faster for 525 seconds.
Edgar's Supercharge speed is 4% faster for 525 seconds. This increases the auto-charge rate per second from 3,3% to 20,63% or 82,5% for the duration of the accessory, but does not affect the Supercharge rate of his attack.

Edgar Tips

  1. Edgar doesn't have the health to beat heavyweights or other high-health players. Focus on weaker targets like shooters and snipers. Shooters and snipers can be countered very effectively when using his Super, especially with Hard Landing.
  2. Edgar, The cousin ve DarrylSimilar to , as he can use his Super to jump and grab the ball. In the Cannon can drive the ball.
  3. Since it gives a speed boost after using his Super, Diamond Kapmacada jewels or Robberyda it might be good to use it to steal the bolts and retreat quickly.
    With his accessory, Edgar can quickly charge his Super to make a quick escape or ambush a low-health target.
  4. Edgar has the shortest range in the game Therefore, it is important to use the auto-charge Super and be protected when approaching enemies. If you walk directly into an enemy, you'll likely break range and be defeated before you can do any damage.

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