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In this writing Dynamics Brawl Stars Features and Costumes we will examine Low health but high damage output. KAttacks by throwing sticks of dynamite that explode and deal damage in a small radius.

2800 soulful Dynamics star powers, accessories and Dynamike skinsWe will give information about i.

Also The Turkish Dynamics How to play, Tips What are we going to talk about.

Here is all the details Dynamics character...


Dynamike Character Traits and Costumes

Dynamics, a Trophy Path reward unlocked when you reach 2000 Trophies common character.

Low health but high damage output. Attacks by throwing sticks of dynamite that explode and deal damage in a small radius. When he casts his Super, he launches a large barrel bomb that deals massive damage in a large radius around him and knocks back enemies when it explodes. Both dynamite and barrel grenades can be launched over walls.

First accessory Stress Wheel, with an extra speed boost, allowing him to randomly and quickly fire sticks of dynamite in a circular area around him.

Second accessory Handle Bomb Causes Dynamike's next main attack to briefly stun enemies.

First Star Power Dynamite Jump Allows him to use the explosion of his dynamite to jump over walls and enemies while damaging him.

Second Star Power DemolitionAdds 1000 damage to your Super.

3920 Dynamike, who has health, equips two explosive sticks of dynamite. His super attack is a barrel full of dynamite that blows up the trench!

Attack: short Wicks ;

Mike throws two sticks of dynamite to dodge all the obstacles on the way. Fuses cut as short as Mike's explosive temper!

Dynamike throws two sticks of dynamite over walls that explode after 1,1 seconds, dealing heavy damage to enemies caught within a 1,5-frame blast radius. As the two sticks move, they spread a short distance apart perpendicular to the launch direction and explode simultaneously. If both sticks land on the enemy they are attacking, they can deal double damage.

Super: Barrel Bomb;

A huge barrel of dynamite blows up the visor. All surviving enemies are knocked back on impact.

Dynamike throws the muzzle grenade he carries on his back. The bomb can be thrown a reasonable distance and explodes after 1,3 seconds, dealing very high damage to enemies within a wide blast radius. Survivors are knocked back from the explosion. The bomb will also destroy walls and bushes.

Brawl Stars Dynamike Costumes

  • Santa Mike(Christmas holiday costume)
  • Cook Mike(The costume is in the archive)
  • rob mike
  • Coach Mike
  • Bellboy Mike(Brawl Pass costume) (New)

Dynamic Features

Health 3920
Damage per dynamite 1120 (2)
SUPER: Damage 3080
super length 150 ms
Reload speed (ms) 1700
Attack speed (ms) 500
speeding Normal
attack range 7.33


level hit points Damage Super Damage Pet Hitpoints Pet Damage
1 2800 1600 2200 2400 400
2 2940 1680 2310 2520 420
3 3080 1760 2420 2640 440
4 3220 1840 2530 2760 460
5 3360 1920 2640 2880 480
6 3500 2000 2750 3000 500
7 3640 2080 2860 3120 520
8 3780 2160 2970 3240 540
9-10 3920 2240 3080 3360 560
Health :
Level Health
1 2800
2 2940
3 3080
4 3220
5 3360
6 3500
7 3640
8 3780
9 – 10 3920

Dynamike Star Power

warrior's 1. star power : Dynamite Jump ;

Dynamike can ride the blast wave of his explosives to jump over obstacles!

Dynamike's main attack and Super push him a short distance from the explosion point. He can also use it to jump over walls. While airborne, Dynamike is completely immune to all damage, as well as status effects and damage applied over time.

Warrior's 2nd star power: explosive ;

Adds +1000 damage to Super.

Dynamike's Super deals 1000 more damage. This doesn't change the blast radius, recoil, Supercharge granted, or the type of map properties it can destroy.

Dynamike Accessory

warrior's 1. accessory : Stress Wheel ;

Dynamike furiously spins with increased movement speed and throws multiple sticks of dynamite around him. Each dynamite deals 1200 damage to enemies.

Dynamike quickly fires 9 sticks of dynamite within a radius of 20 squares around it, dealing 1200 damage each time it explodes. Gains a speed boost of over 2% for the duration of 20 seconds, but cannot attack while this accessory is in effect.

warrior's 2. accessory : Handle Bomb ;

When activated, the next main attack also stuns enemies for 1,5 seconds.

Dynamike's next main attack stuns enemies for 1,5 seconds. An accessory symbol will shine above Dynamike's head, indicating the use of this accessory, as well as a glowing attack joystick. This accessory's cooldown begins after this attack is hit.

Dynamike Tips

  1. Dynamike's dynamite can deal massive damage if thrown correctly. Since dynamite takes a while to travel and detonate, instead of trying to throw it directly at the enemy, try throwing it where it's probably supposed to when the dynamite goes off.
  2. Hiding behind a bush with a wall in front of it and throwing the dynamite from there towards the enemy can be effective as most other enemies will have a hard time reaching you.
  3. While being chased by an enemy at close range, Try throwing your dynamite a little ahead of you. This will cause your opponent to stop chasing or take damage from your attack.
  4. To damage at least two enemies (Super: Barrel Bomb) Try throwing your Big Barrel o 'Boom' because it deals enough damage to charge the Super and you can instantly throw another Super.
    ReckoningAlso, if your opponent is close to the gas, you can push your super to the gas to throw them and take extra damage.
  5. Diamond Catcheither or SiegeAlso, throwing a stick of dynamite can push opponents away from him, making it easier for Dynamike or his teammates to pick up the item.
  6. Dynamike's damage radius decreases as sticks get closer to him, making it significantly harder to hit enemies that manage to get close to him.
  7. MortisHe's a great competitor to Dynamike due to his above-average speed and dashing abilities, as well as high single-target damage output, so before he knocks you down Mortispay attention to. Alternatively, if he's caught by it, Dynamike's weapon can be used to change the fate of the fight. Handle Bomb accessory you can use.
  8. For advanced players with abnormal timing skills: if you can target Dynamike's Super and a few sticks of dynamite, you can have the Super push enemies into sticks of dynamite and deal excessive damage to them, usually knocking them down unless there are stronger enemies. Bull, Pink, Frank or a The cousin other EVE Echoes goods.
  9. Dynamite Jump star power It is effective to escape from bad situations by throwing dynamite at your feet. This will not only damage nearby enemies, but will also throw you back a bit, preventing damage and allowing a quick escape over walls. In hopeless situations, her Super will take her further, making her a more reliable means of escaping, while being able to damage and even defeat enemies due to the massive amount of damage the Super does.
  10. Although the timing is difficult, Dynamite Jump star power It is possible to jump over enemy attacks with it. This is rare, but can be helpful in sticky situations when under heavy fire.
  11. Hand spinner accessoryuseful for shrub control as it covers an extremely large area. He can also use his accessory to reliably defeat low-health enemies that are too close to him; otherwise it will be very hard to hit with his basic attack.
  12. Makes Dynamike's attack fuse harder to defend. Handle Bomb accessoryallows him to safely detonate enemies, especially those with low health; Piper is particularly susceptible as she lacks close range abilities. This is also In the robbery It's incredibly useful when you need to throw heavy balls. Relying on this Gadget makes it a niche, but valuable tools to have in offensive-focused mods like Bounty stuns.
  13. Pommel bomb accessory Explosive star power It's very useful to pair with, because Dynamike, Explosive He will take full Super damage and attack damage in addition to his boost.

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