Dying Light 2: How to Unlock Paraglider?

Dying Light 2: How to Unlock Paraglider? , Paragliding ; Paragliding is a fun way to get around the city in Dying Light 2; Here's how to unlock it…

Dying Light 2 , has a huge map and lots of content to explore. The developers at Techland have claimed up to 500 hours of gameplay to explore if you want to see everything the game has to offer.

Traversing a map with such coverage and depth in terms of size and verticality can take a significant amount of time to explore. Techland's tremendous content of the allegations Whether it will meet such high expectations remains to be seen, but Dying Light 2 A great game by any definition. One of the best ways to traverse the huge map To unlock and use Paragliding . Just as UV Flashlight like the game's Paragliding, it's a not-to-miss Nightrunner tool that unlocks as part of the story.

Buying Paragliding


Player " Let's Waltz "After completing the mission and escaping the Metro system, to unlock Aiden's Paraglider" A Place to Call Home He will have to go to the mission named ”.

Görev Located in the Center Loop and Aiden's from The Mandalorian Lawan, played by Rosario Dawson judicial talking to a character will need . He will then deliver the Paraglider and after a short training Paragliding will be Aiden's free use.

Using Paragliding

Paragliding While in hand, Aiden can now jump from the top of any building to activate it. The player will be prompted to press the X button on Xbox or Square button on PlayStation to deploy after splashing and of Dying Light 2 Works seamlessly with parkour mechanics

To maintain flight, the player must pull back the L stick to stay airborne. Additionally, there are steam blowing vents dotted around the map that can be used to maintain flight and acceleration. These vents will also fill Aiden's stamina bar when applied in flight.

Raising the Paraglider

Other in game nightrunner tools like Paragliding, it can be upgraded on the Craftmaster's workbench. It has three paid upgrades, which are defined in-game as:

  • Upgrade 1: Travel between wide open spaces and descend from great heights safely.
  • Upgrade 2: Increases maneuverability and range, as well as adds the ability to increase altitude in flight.
  • Upgrade 3: Adds acceleration capability.

ParaglidingIt's a lot of fun to drive, but it will take some practice to perfect its maneuverability. Also in Dying Light 2 Fast Travel feature unlocked It's the best way to get around the map as soon as possible before it opens.


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