Dying Light 2: Where to Find Scott and Moe How to Recover?

Dying Light 2: Where to Find Scott and Moe How to Recover? ; A distressed mother worries about her two sons. The world of Dying Light 2 is a bad place to get lost and the only person who can help is Aiden.

aidan, Dying Light 2He cannot save the whole world. He is a hero, but his abilities cannot do everything for everyone. When a mother approaches Aiden and asks if he can find her children, there's a good chance it's too late. But it's worth a try.

players, both Scott's as well as save Moe They should know that there is a chance for them, but they will need to do a little research first. Even then, Dying Light 2's apocalyptic world does not guarantee their survival. Players will need to be both fast and strong to save the children.

Dying Light 2: Where to Find Scott and Moe

Dying Light 2: Scott and Moe
Dying Light 2: Scott and Moe

After talking to their mother at the market, Aiden will be asked to call the boys at the market. It's a mistake to take this task to the letter, the children are not here. Instead, look for a young boy in a red hat named Dominik. For those who know the people of the bazaar closely, it is the person who talks about a dog.

After a long conversation, he will finally remember that the children and the dog were playing together. In the distance, players can hear the barking, but for more accurate instructions, open the map and follow the new location marker. On the way, feel free to pull some stunts to enhance the parkour experience.

Rescuing Moe


For the bonus tip, to complete this quest wait for it to get dark. If the bonus parkour experience isn't stimulating enough, the quest is inside and requires clearing all zombies. During the day, it is not impossible to eliminate the amount of zombies, but much more dangerous.

Scott will unwittingly greet Aiden at the door. Eventually, Aiden will ask Scott to break up. Go ahead and Scott After talking with him, immediately start cleaning the zombies inside. This will make the second part of the task much easier.

Once these zombies are cleared, head upstairs and find a mortally injured Buddy crying on a couch. In the room directly opposite, Moe is hiding. He will talk about a dangerous zombie, and Aiden will have to leave the room and kill him. This is much easier if the zombies have already been cleared.

When the last zombie dies, loot the zombies for a pack of fast cash. Then return to Moe and have her go home. Players will have to decide whether to kill Buddy there or let him die slowly; Unfortunately no one can save him.

Back to Bazaar

When you get home, Aiden Scott ve Moe's He can complete the task by returning to his mother's house. Players will be faced with the decision of what to tell Dominik about Buddy, but it's a choice of flavors, whichever dialogue option is chosen, the mission will be completed.


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