Dying Light 2: VNC Tower Vault Code | VNC Tower Safe

Dying Light 2: VNC Tower Vault Code | VNC Tower ; Dying Light 2 is full of secrets and Easter eggs, and the VNC tower vault combination is one of the most mysterious.

Dying Light 2, Techland's first-person zombie action RPG It was released on February 4, 2022. The game is from the previous game 2015. from Dying Light It takes place 22 years later and introduces a new protagonist and European city setting. like the original, Dying Light 2 also offers a vast open world full of secrets and Easter eggs for players to explore.

in Dying Light 2 one of the hardest secrets is VNC Tower safe code . Finding the safe in the first place is a bit difficult and will require some Parkour skills. However, even players who find it will need to decipher a cryptic clue to actually open the safe.

Finding VNC Tower Vault in Dying Light 2

Players VNC Tower Vault Before they can find it, they must unlock the Tower in Garrison Territory by completing the Broadcast story quest. This will make the base of the tower a Safe Zone and allow players to access the elevator there. Ride the elevator up to the roof and then head west to the solar panel. Players standing on the solar panel will be able to look down and see an open apartment window several floors down.

Jumping to this window is easily done with the hook, but also possible without it. Inside the circle, players will find a safe along the north wall and a table in the southeast corner. On the table is the tip of the safe, a cryptic note that says “IF U 555 THEN I'M…”. Dying Light 2 Players who want to crack the vault code themselves should stop here as the solution will be in the next section.

Decrypting VNC Tower Vault

Most of the Easter eggs in Dying Light 2 are based on references to other features and VNC Tower vault code is no exception either. The note is actually part of the chorus in The Heretic Anthem, a song from Slipknot's 2001 album Iowa. Here's how it goes:

“You five-five-five, then I'm six-six-six,

You five-five-five, me six-six-six,

But you're five-five-five, I'm six-six-six

What is it like to be a heretic?"

by reading the words safe code it's pretty easy to guess, and entering 666 will indeed open the VNC Tower vault. Players waiting for one of Dying Light 2's powerful weapons will be disappointed, however, that the vault contains only a black rubber duck with glowing red eyes and a top hat. Fortunately, this is just one piece of a larger puzzle, and players who collect enough ducks will have a unique challenge. unlock a VNC Tower'They will be able to perform a ritual in the basement of


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