Dying Light 2: How to Get a UV Flashlight?

Dying Light 2: How to Get a UV Flashlight? ; UV Flash light is one of the most useful tools in Dying Light 2; Here are the details of how and when you can get it in our article…

Dying Light 2 Spinning in Stay Human, UV Flashlight It is a tool called Nightrunner. This is considered one of the best defensive gear in the game. One of the most dangerous enemies in the Dying Light series is called the Volatile. These creatures look and act like Reapers and Strigoi, as if they've stepped out of the screens of Guillermo Del Toro's Blade 2 and The Strain, respectively.

Flyers are more dangerous in Dying Light 2 than in the game's predecessor. They can kill Aiden in one hit and are extremely fast, so even the best Parkour skills can't always cut him down. The best way to avoid and fight them is, UV Flashlight It is best to use ultraviolet light sources. However UV Flashlight , will not be available until the "Welcome Aboard" story quest, which may take some time.

Buying a UV Flashlight

Dying Light 2: UV Flashlight
Dying Light 2: UV Flashlight

The “Welcome Aboard” story mission takes place between 12-15 hours into the game. Obtaining a UV Flashlightis part of the main story of Dying Light 2, so it's an item not to be missed. Welcome Aboard refers to the Peacekeeper HQ, a ship named The Missy located in The Wharf area.

On board, Aiden will agree to help Major Jack and will be instructed to talk to a character named Meyer to find out what the plans are. All in all, Aiden will prove more than useful, as the quest requires the protagonist to explore a nest full of Volatiles. UV Flashlight receivables.

Upgrade/Update UV Flashlight

after mission UV Flashlight, It will become a permanent fixture in Aiden's arsenal. However, the biggest downside to using it is how quickly its use drains the batteries. When the Flashlight is discharged, being caught by a viral or Volatile can mean life or death for Aiden, sending the player to the nearest Dying Light 2 send it back to the checkpoint or base.

That's why the Nightrunners UV Flashlight It is very important to upgrade it as soon as possible and these upgrades can be purchased from a Craftmaster. There are two upgrades to the flashlight that can be costly to unlock, so trying to get some quick cash in Dying Light 2 can be worthwhile. The two upgrades are as follows:

  • Cone size and battery – Purchased for 1000 Old World Money and 2x Military Tech.
  • Increased cone size and flash effect – Purchased for 2000 Old World Coins and 2x Military technology.

UV Flashlight The increased cone size for the gun will give the gun more range, and the increased battery life will mean it will last longer before being recharged.


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