Dying Light 2: Should You Save Hakon?

Dying Light 2: Should You Save Hakon? ; When Hakon is mortally wounded, only Aiden can save his life. But based on his lies and actions, is it really best for Dying Light 2 to survive?

Players will make many decisions throughout the entire game of Dying Light 2. Many, if not most, of these decisions have very minor effects on the plot. Most of the differences are not in the rewards or the story, but in the flavor and role-playing.

It, Dying Light 2That doesn't mean it lacks meaningful decisions. The chin When he receives a fatal blow, players will have to decide whether to save his life or not. Be warned, there are some serious spoilers to watch for, because what happens with either option has tremendous implications for what happens next.

What Happens If Hakon "Dies"?

Dying Light 2: Hakon
Dying Light 2: Hakon

Aiden death of Hakone leaves, it becomes silent and players continue their journey as normal. Immediately afterward, Aiden will have to use his elite parkour skills to locate the sniper, but without Hakon's help. However, although he is presumed dead, The chin manages to survive.

He will then reappear at a critical moment during the game, but from there things are problematic. Instead of being an ally, he will ask as a petty foe and focus on his own interests. He's a pretty compelling villain, so anyone who wants to see this performance from him might be tempted to make that choice.

Most important, The chin left to die, it is not possible to achieve the "best" ending. In fact, while there are a few variations, all of the endings are kind of bad. Lawan will die and the city will be destroyed.

What Happens If Hakon Lives?

Hakon, If rescued by Aiden, it's possible (though not guaranteed) to have the best ending. in the short term Hakon, He will lead Aiden to the sniper and will often try to make up for his lies and attempts to accuse innocent people of violent crimes.

Either way, there will be a long radio silence after escaping old Villedor. He reappears, and while he's grateful to Aiden, he'll still need to be a little gentle in order to gather the heroism he needs to save the city, Lawan, and himself.


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