Dying Light 2: How to Renew Immunity?

Dying Light 2: How to Renew Immunity? Dying Light 2: Immunity ; One of the tragic ways to die in Dying Light 2 is seeing the protagonist become a zombie. Players have to stop Aiden from being the villain.

night time in Dying Light 2is one of the most feared parts of the game. As soon as the sun goes down, zombies come out and flood the streets. With one wrong move, Aiden will alert every zombie on the map and they'll start running towards him until they're safe. Still, somehow, that's not the biggest threat.

As the "Stay Human" slogan would suggest, Aiden needs immunity to prevent him from turning into one of the mindless creatures he fights. There are several ways to prevent this from happening, and no player will be able to defeat Dying Light 2 unless there is a way to improve this immunity.

Dying Light 2: How to Renew Immunity?

Return to Safe Zone

Learning to switch weapons can help with the nightmares out there. For the nightmare inside, it's all about finding a safe haven to shelter in. If immunity goes down and times start to get into that yellow/orange/red zone, it's time to go home.

At night, these places have UV lights that almost instantly give Aiden full immunity. It costs nothing, so it is the most effective way to improve immunity. word of warning; gray safe zones sometimes need to be opened first, which can take time. Stick to unlocked greens.

Find Inhibitors

Ideally, the best way to boost immunity is to not have to boost it at all. Eventually, players can reach a high enough level that they almost have to try and stay out for a long time. Doing so requires finding blockers, which are the main leveling mechanism in the game.

The game already has a lot of fixes to go through, so no more inhibitors are coming anytime soon. These GRE Caches quickly increase health and stamina, but the natural boost to immunity is also greatly appreciated.

Take Immune Boosters

Immunity Boosters come in different varieties and restore 35% to 80% of Aiden's immunity. Eventually, the plans can be found so that Aiden doesn't have to find them, he can make them on his own. The good news here is that the ingredients aren't all that rare.

As a special warning, boosting immunity with UV Shroomz is possible but not recommended. With Raw UV Shroomz, immunity lasts only 35 seconds and Immune Booster, and will last much longer (especially when players have enough inhibitors).


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