Dying Light 2: How to Get Fast Parkour XP?

Dying Light 2: How to Get Fast Parkour XP? ; No player is alone in feeling that leveling up the parkour is an unrealistic grind. Fortunately, Dying Light 2 has ways to play the system.

parkour, Dying Light 2'also level up of vital importance. Without level, Aiden is below average at climbing. He can only hold himself for a few seconds before falling to the ground. It's so slow that even amateur rock climbers roll their eyes waiting for it to rush.

At some levels aidan, Not only is he above average in parkour skills, he is also supernatural. The problem with this rosy optimism is that leveling up the parkour is a slog on par with the worst grinds in all of gaming history. With the right technique, Aiden's Dying Light 2He's only a few hours away from maximizing this skill in .

Wait Till Evening

Not leveling up at night means taking half the potential experience to be gained. Those looking to maximize their skills in a game or two will be bored out of their minds no matter what, but without this bonus, the grind may be worth a week's worth of gameplay.

Get a little more immune and go outside after the sun goes down. Try not to stray too far from the UV light, as players will need to dive into a UV field to stay human. The transition between track areas and UV lights isn't great, but it more than makes up for it with double experience points.

Find Parallel Monkey Sticks

Dying Light 2: Fast Parkour XP
Dying Light 2: Fast Parkour XP

Players for the first time racecourse When they make a move, they will realize that the game gives too many points. However, when they repeat this move too quickly, it only gains a single experience point. Going back and forth on the same set of monkey bars will often yield one point at a time.

But parallel monkey bars (bars next to each other) count as different maneuvers after landing. Look for multiple sticks on the same pole, swing on one, get off, then swing on the other, get down and repeat. Players are the best racecourse will have immediate access to their skills.

Start a Chase

Dying Light 2: Fast Parkour XP
Dying Light 2: Fast Parkour XP

Players noticed that the chases took the double multiplier that night and turned it into a triple or quad multiplier. catch? Players must start a chase. The first few stages of the chase aren't all that bad, and most zombies struggle to get to the rooftops in time.

However, in the third wave, zombies begin to appear that can kill the player in one or two hits. And they can be as fast as Aiden. If this gamble is worth it, players will have to balance. Most of the time, starting a chase isn't recommended, but anyone who feels mobile and ready to escape zombies on rooftops can have a way to try it.



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