Dying Light 2: Hospital Security Code

Dying Light 2: Hospital Security Code; In Dying Light 2, Dr. Deciphering Katsumi's vault code and locating the vault she was attached to can be a little awkward. Here are the details of how players can achieve this in our article…

As players progress through Dying Light 2, they will begin to unlock more side quest opportunities. The main story is just one facet of this long title from Techland, and every time Aiden powers up a Windmill, he'll be greeted by a host of NPCs who might need his help. Some of these side quests are pretty straightforward, but others can be downright confusing.

A good example that players will encounter early on is The First Biomarker, a side quest that causes Aiden to break into a vault to retrieve a piece of medical technology for a grumpy survivor named McGregor. Finding this special vault and deciphering the code to access it can be a bit confusing for some. In Dying Light 2, Dr. Take a look at how to reach Katsumi's office and find the old biomarker.

Finding McGregor and Starting the First Biomaker Sidequest

Dying Light 2: Hospital Security Code
Dying Light 2: Hospital Security Code

Dr. To find the safe in Katsumi's office and capture the first biomarker, players will first need to locate McGregor and start the appropriate side quest. The NPC has a special note that players must decipher to get the code for the safe, so the first step is to advance the main story until McGregor is available.

It's important to note that this special side-quest is unavailable until players pass the third main story mission, which allows them to infiltrate a Subway on behalf of Hakon. Once this mission is over, players can go to the northern part of the map, to a loft near where the Trinity and Houndfield regions meet. There they will find McGregor standing outside a room containing a Merchant. Talking to him and selecting the yellow answer will direct players to The First Biomarker side quest. At this point, McGregor will point Aiden to Saint Joseph's Hospital (the hospital he had passed through with Hakon) and send him to Dr. It will give a shout out about a safe code from Katsumi.

Finding the Safe Hospital in Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2: Hospital Security Code
Dying Light 2: Hospital Security Code

As part of the opening tutorial, the Saint Joseph's Hospital, which allows players to pass through the area, should already be on their maps. On one side of the building is a staircase leading to the small attic, which players can access by running down a small ramp and jumping onto an exposed wall.

From there they can jump onto the ladder and climb onto the roof. From there, Aiden climbs onto the nearby yellowfins and leaps back to the open office window opposite them. She can access Katsumi's office. Once inside, players will be able to access the safe, but will have to decipher the code first.

Dr. Decipher Katsumi's Note and Retrieve the Secure Code

Dr. To see Katsumi's note, players need to go to the inventory menu and select the Collection tab at the top of the screen. There is a note that the players received from McGregor at the beginning of the mission. There are three separate riddles on the note, and solving each will give players a singular number for the safe 3-digit combination. The three riddles and their solutions are as follows:

  • “What shrinks when you turn it upside down?” — 9 (A 9 turns into 6 when reversed).
  • “One number – take one letter and it becomes even.” — 7 (Seven is odd and is Even when S is removed from its name)
  • “A little girl goes to the store and buys a dozen eggs. On the way home, all but three eggs are broken. How many unbroken eggs are left?” — 3 (The riddle states that all but three eggs are broken, so only three eggs remain).

To crack the safe, players simply enter the number 973 on the dial. .

Later, they can return to McGregor to complete the side quest. and they get a single Inhibitor for their trouble .



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