Dying Light 2: How to Save Damien's Life

Dying Light 2: How to Save Damien's Life ; There are several moments in the story of Dying Light 2 where Damien could die. The difference is as subtle as Razer and only Aiden can save his life.

in Dying Light 2 There is no shortage of sad stories. And that's appropriate. It's a zombie apocalypse after all, and too many happy stories will make the reality of the situation unbelievable. There's a balance here, and these tragic stories help create a sense of immersion.

However, there needs to be a healthy border. Too much tragedy and Aiden no longer feels heroic or meaningful. Gamers in Dying Light 2 He wants to make a difference, and while Damien's story is unfortunate no matter what, players have a narrow opportunity to limit their pain.

Accepting Damien's Quest

Dying Light 2: How to Save Damien's Life
Dying Light 2: How to Save Damien's Life
  • Select: “Collaborate with Damien.”

Damien's Things will quickly go from bad to worse after she accepts her side job. Aiden is attacked and players may need the help of some of his best fighting skills to survive. It looks like Damien is lure people to death in exchange for a gang's willingness to keep his brother Cliff alive.

Players Damien If he delivers it to Carl, the mission is over immediately and Damien punished to death for his crimes. Players must cooperate with Damien and help him find his brother if they want to see the whole chain and keep him alive.

Talking to Damien

  • Select: “About Life?”
  • Choose: “I'll jump too!”
  • Select: “Cut Damien.”

Everything goes wrong after they find Damien's brother. It turns out that Cliff worked with the gang the entire time and used Damien's love to send more victims to him. Aiden is forced to kill Cliff and save himself, looting the team for quick cash. Damien later realizes that his brother, who never cared about him, is killing innocent people for his greed.

As players can predict, this causes Damien to convulse downward. It climbs the tower in the arcade and players will have to climb to reach it. Once on the roof, go inside and get free and easy parkour experience points using various objects.

Players must choose the right three dialogs to prevent Damien from jumping. As a first option, players need to talk to Damien about life in general, as asking him not to jump in will only make him more determined, and arguing with his brother is too painful for him to handle.

Later, Aiden is able to give Damien the message from his brother, but the message is hurtful and only pushes him further. If Aiden threatens to jump with him, Damien will see it as another death on his hand and refuse to take his own life.

Dying Light 2: How to Save Damien's Life
Dying Light 2: How to Save Damien's Life

Not finished. Carl comes into the room and wants to know what's going on. Damien He will confess everything and will be executed by Carl unless the players interrupt him. Unlike the others, this option only gives players three seconds to choose , so be prepared for the speech wheel when it opens.


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