Dying Light 2: How to Get Birch Windmill

Dying Light 2: How to Get Birch Windmill Birch Windmill Location ,Where is Birch Windmill?; After training, the reins of the map are released to the players. Those heading west instead of east will want to take the Birch Windmill as a base.

Hakon, Dying Light 2He's not very shrewd at telling Aiden to go east after the first training episode of . The main quest is marked on the map in that direction and players will do just fine if they head in that direction. What about explorers? In a vast world like this, who does what they're told instead of collecting treasures?

Dying Light 2 rewards enthusiasts. Those heading west instead will have close access to boss fights and blocking storage facilities. But they will need a base of operations to attack, and their best option Birch WindmillConfidence in your ability to take over.

Where is Birch Windmill ? Birch Windmill Location

Dying Light 2: How to Get Birch Windmill
Dying Light 2: How to Get Birch Windmill

Of all the ways to restore immunity, the most efficient, inexpensive, safe and consistent option is to unlock a place with UV light. In the early stages of the game, Birch Windmill'This is the main reason for taking i because it cannot be given to a nation later on.

The windmill is on the mid-west side of Houndfield, just west of Aiden's place, finally free to do what he wants. Look for it on the horizon with two moving mechanisms underneath. Serious aerobatic moves will be required to reach the top.

Jump to Top

Dying Light 2: How to Get Birch Windmill
Dying Light 2: How to Get Birch Windmill

Those who experience a lot of parkour quickly will have extra stamina and abilities, which will allow them to make many mistakes to reach the top. But at this point most players will have to protect every bit of energy they have and plan their leaps accordingly.

The task seems simple; jump from the lower platform to the lower mechanism, then turn, to the second mechanism and finally to the upper platform. The problem here is timing. While the lower mechanism takes two times, the upper mechanism makes one revolution. Players should watch out when mechanics are out of sync, then jump in to ensure timing isn't a factor.

There is no timing from here, but the maneuver is no less intimidating. If at any point Aiden stumbles, he falls straight down onto the garbage bags to avoid death. Turn around and find a yellow painted beam attached to another platform. Climb up and then wobble the ladder.

Fix the fuse box to the top, a process that will be repeated with other windmills and Aiden Birch will claim the Mindmill on his own! From here, sleep, organize supplies, and enjoy the safety of UV lights at dusk.



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