Dying Light 2: Bazaar Tower Vault Code | Bazaar Tower Safe Code

Dying Light 2: Bazaar Tower Vault Code | Bazaar Tower Safe Code; This post contains the combination players must use to open the safe at the top of the Bazaar tower in Dying Light 2.

bazaar, in Dying Light 2 is a location that players will visit in the early stages of their game, with a main story quest that leads them directly to it. The bazaar is located inside the former Holy Trinity Church and the building has a large tower that fans can scale if there is enough durability and persistence. At the top of this tower, Dying Light players , they will encounter a small room with a safe inside, and this article will detail exactly how to open this container.

Dying Light 2: How to Open Bazaar Tower Case?

Dying Light 2′de Opening the Bazaar Tower vault They have to find it right for it. Fortunately, with the safe not one in the same situation, to plan, it is not necessary to go far for the code of the fans. More specifically, it's not on the wall and it's inside a lit from the side of the poster of their plans and should have the bottom left corner of this poster that grabs the attention.

After a player receives the note, the item can be accessed from the collection section of the menu and is as follows: 5*100+15-5 = … The point here is, action RPG it's for the fans to figure it out. math problem and indeed the answer bazaar tower vault is the code. For players who don't want to do this calculation themselves, the solution is 510 and +5 1 0 should be entered as .

As soon as fans have finished entering these three numbers in the safe, they should gain the skill to open the box. Once this is done, players can pick up the collectible item Carl's Journal #4 from inside. Remarkably, this is the last piece of Carl's Journal and the other three tapes Dying Light 2 to 's Bazaar can be found scattered.

Bazaar vault While the contents may disappoint some players, this has brought them to other players they encounter in the game. safes should not prevent it from opening. Indeed, some safes of the game have very useful items, including Inhibitors. For the inexperienced, Inhibitors, Dying Light 2your hero It is used to improve his health and stamina, and players will definitely want to have as many inhibitors as possible.


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