Dying Light 2: How to Rescue Aitor?

Dying Light 2: How to Rescue Aitor? ; The gameplay of Dying Light 2 presents players with interesting new challenges, including how to save Aitor.

Dying Light 2, continuing the legacy of the previous game, allowing players to enter the zombie-filled series once again. There are many differences between the first game and Dying Light 2, and one of the most obvious is that the players' decisions are much more important in the second. When it comes to saving Aitor's life, players will have to make the right decisions and remain committed to seeing him recover safely.

There were many important characters in Dying Light. Now, Dying Light 2'also from Aitor To Timur, the risks increased even more. Saving lives with more NPCs and activities is a much bigger task. save Aitor Players will need to focus on helping others from the beginning of the game.

Dying Light 2: How to Rescue Aitor?

Players to save Aitor before they start, they should know that their ability to do so depends on the decisions they made early in the game. Based on previous elections, Aitor, He can be taken to the Floating Base, where he is revealed to have survived the Waltz. It's still in bad shape. The players later Mission to rescue Aitor they can be. Fast travel in Dying Light 2 will require a few more decisions that will determine whether Aitor survives or not.

Rescue Aitor surprisingly to his “Aitor” is called. Players will have to find the healer Margaret, and then collect 3 hermits. Survivors' Sense is very useful for doing this, but players should make sure they have some of Dying Light 2's long-range weapons to clear the Infected area. The hermit will come with petals of different sizes, and Margaret has previously told the players save Aitor He told them to give the smaller ones for him. When players return to the Floating Base, they will first have to lie to Aitor's wife, saying that you haven't heard of the healer helping Aitor. Then players can go to Aitor's room and give him small leaves.

After the players leave the room, of Aitor they will get a call saying it's fine. Success! of Aitor This is how he ends his near-death experience. Indeed, although the Xbox Series X has had issues with Dying Light 2, the game's narrative quality is as good as players have come to expect. With the rich content available in the game, it's safe to say that fans will be engaged for a long time as you navigate the comprehensive new story of Dying Light.


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