10 Indie Games That Will Run On Low Systems

Welcome to our article on 10 indie games that will run on low-end systems. In this list, we will list 10 indie games that you can play even on low systems. Some masterpiece indie titles may be unlisted, as we're only listing 10 indie titles.

10 Indie Games That Will Run On Low Systems

First of all, let me state that I will list the top 10 independent productions in this list, especially in terms of price performance. In this context, if you ask “Why is that outside?” “Why is this not on the list?” If there is a production you call, this is the reason. However, if you still say “It had to be!” If you have a production you want, you can state your thoughts and ideas in the comments, if you are ready, let's get started.


Terraria, the first production of our list of 10 Independent Games to Run on Low Systems, has managed to have a unique style, although it is described as "2D Minecraft" by some users. Terraria, which has been developing with the updates since 2011, took its final form as of this year. In this two-dimensional Terria, the only limit is your creativity. Build, explore this vast world, or fight. Get ready to devote hundreds of hours to this two-dimensional survival craft. In addition to the very low minimum system requirements, Terraria's Steam price is also a reasonable 18 TL.

Stardew Valley

Another production that you will spend hundreds of hours on: Stardew Valley. You manage a farm you inherited in Stardew Valley. However, in this production, you not only manage a farm, but also experience a village life to your bones. In Stardew Valley you can get married, have children, go fishing, go to the mine, take care of animals, upgrade your home and tools. Moreover, you can do all this on your own or with your friends over the internet. The system requirements of this production, which will take place in the most beautiful corner of your heart, are low and the Steam price is 24 TL.

Don't Starve Together

Don't Starve Together, one of the most beautiful productions of our list of 10 Independent Games to Run on Low Systems, is a two-dimensional production where you and your friends will struggle to survive in a world full of monsters. As the name suggests, the most important point in Don't Starve is hunger. In this Don't Starve, where the seasons play a big role, you will need to stock up on food to pass the winter, while you will need to make appropriate clothes and hats for the summer. Don't Starve, which has many different playable characters, must keep track of your resources while fighting against monsters, and you have to leave your house and explore new places to find new resources when necessary. Don't Starve's system requirements are quite low, and the Steam price is 24TL.

Hollow Knight

Get ready to open the doors of a fascinating world. If you like platform productions where you die frequently, Hollow Knight is definitely a work that you should not miss. Get ready to fight a variety of enemies as you freely explore impressive underground ruins. The Steam price of Hollow Knight, which does not want high system features despite its unique visual style, is 24TL.


Another production on our list of 10 Indie Games to Run on Low Systems, Rimworld is easy to learn but difficult to master. In Rimworld, where you manage a colony on a distant planet, you have to pay attention to many different factors, from the psychology of the colony's inhabitants to their family relationships. And remember, no one in your colony is a professional colonist. There may be an accountant, housewife, policeman or journalist in your colony. Rimworld, which also has Turkish language support, has a slightly higher price than other independent productions, despite its low system requirement. Rimworld's Steam price is 57TL.

Papers, Please

One of the first works that comes to mind when it comes to independent production is Papers, Please. In Papers, Please you play as an immigration inspector for 1 month. You decide who can or cannot cross the border, of course, within the framework of certain rules. In the production where attention is important, who you go through also affects the course of the story. Papers, Please has 20 different endings. Which ending you will go to depends entirely on the decisions you make in the story. Whatever genre you like, Papers, Please is a masterpiece you shouldn't miss. In addition to being one of the lowest system-requiring productions on this list, the Steam price is 18TL.

Darkest Dungeon

If you like turn-based strategies, you should definitely give Darkest Dungeon a chance. In this production, which is on our list of 10 Independent Games to Work on Low Systems, you manage a group of adventurers and you make explorations into dark dungeons with groups of 4 you choose. During the Darkest Dungeon, you can add new heroes from different classes to your team and improve your hero's abilities and equipment. Apart from that, you may need to pay attention to the diseases that your characters may catch and the psychological disorders they may experience while exploring the dark dungeons and have them treated. The Steam price of Darkest Dungeon, which runs even on Windows XP, is 39TL.


It would be impossible to make such a list and not mention Undertale. In this game where you play as a human going to the world of monsters, it's entirely up to you what kind of person you become. You can either kill everyone that comes your way, or you can solve your problems by talking. You may soon find yourself immersed in Undertale in this role-playing film featuring unique characters and stories. In addition to role-playing elements, Undertale also has various puzzles. Only a 128mb video card is required to run Undertale, and the price is only 18TL.

Super Meat Boy

The next game on our list is perhaps the only game in the world that has made indie games so popular, Super Meat Boy. The ancestor of indie games, Super Meat Boy is a platform game where you die all the time and quickly start over. In this game, which has more than 300 levels, you have to fight with some 'Boss' related to the story as well as crossing various tracks. The system requirements of the game are quite low, and the Steam price is 24 TL.

Kerbal Space Program

We have come to the end of our list of 10 Indie Games that Will Run on Low Systems. Our goal at Kerbal Space Program is to design the perfect spacecraft and go into space. Of course, this is not an easy task as it seems. You have to choose each part of the spacecraft carefully. Spacecraft isn't all it takes to get into space. At the same time, you need to train astronauts to go into space and become heroes. Moreover, you do not need a computer with a high system to go into space! Kerbal Space Program's Steam price is 59TL.



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