Download Shock My Friends APK Mod Ad-Free 1.3

Download Shock My Friends APK Ad-Free Mod Latest version and have fun with your friends. If you want a casual game to help you de-stress a little, look no further than Shock My Friends for Android. It is a game that is easy to grasp and can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

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About Shock My Friends APK Mod 1.3

Shock My Friends is a roulette style game. Specially designed for full throttle fun among friends.

This new version integrates an online mode where you can play with your friends from all over the world! It also has a vibration feature that makes the game even more fascinating.

Shock My Friends APK Mod APK 2022 How It Works

This game is pretty simple and it will be incredibly easy to get into. You will have several buttons on the screen. You can gradually place your finger on all these buttons all the way to the end. Doing so will cause the phone to vibrate as well as play a sound.

This will shock your unsuspecting friend. As the game suggests, it's best to play this with your friends for maximum effect. Note that the app does not generate real electric shocks.

Customize Your Game

This game allows some customization to make the game more personal. Some of the change options are:

Touch Finger Contact

This game features a touch finger theme that enhances the look and feel of the game. Different color buttons make it more attractive and interesting to look at.


You'll also notice that these buttons make a unique sound when you tap them. This is one of the features that makes this game more challenging and exciting.

Game Background Color

This game also allows you to change the color of the background. The different colors available will help set the mood for the game. You can choose a more energizing or calming color.

When choosing your background, be careful not to be too bright. A bright background can be quite jarring and even hurt your eyes after a while.

Finish Move Theme – Tomato, Sock, Zap and Splash

These are different ending motion themes to choose from. Each one has a unique sound and animation. You can choose the one you think is the most fun. Some will be cartoonish, while others will be more realistic. It's all up to you.

Enigma Toolbox

You will receive regular updates with new and improved features. You can easily access them from the Enigma toolbox.

shock my friends apk mod

Here you can also find other useful tools such as game rules and troubleshooting guides. That way, you can quickly get back to playing the game if you run into any issues.

Outstanding Features of Shock My Friends APK

Supports More than 6 Players. This game supports up to 6 friends so everyone can join in the fun. To make the game more exciting, one of the players should preferably be unaware of the game.
Integrated Online Mode. The latest version of the game has an integrated online mode. This means you can now play with your friends from all over the world.
Vibration Feature. The vibration feature is one of the most exciting aspects of the game. It makes the game more realistic and exciting. When you select this option, your phone will vibrate when someone goes into shock.
Coin Flip. The game has a coin flip option that can be used by everyone. This adds a layer of fun to the decision making process.

Eat & Drink With Friends

This game features a wheel of luck with food and drink slots. When you finish a game, you can spin the wheel to see what you'll get. shock my friends apk for android
Different food and drink options will help you bond with your friends while enjoying the game. You can also buy virtual drinks for your friends via the in-game store.

There's also a picolo-themed game for those who want to add an extra layer of challenge. Picolo game is a unique drinking game.

Different Game Modes

This game also has different game modes to keep things interesting. You can play tap roulette, shock roulette, wheel roulette and group roulette. Each mode has its own rules and regulations. This way, you will enjoy a unique dynamism and never get bored of playing the game.

Shock My Friends APK Mod Download

Shock My Friends APK MOD is a free download. It is customized to give you an enhanced gaming experience. The game is easy to install and does not take up much space on your phone. It is compatible with most Android devices. After downloading, you can start playing immediately. You won't have to root your smartphone/device. That way you won't void your warranty.

The game is also regularly updated with new features and bug fixes. This way, you can always enjoy a smooth and smooth gaming experience.


Shock My Friends APK Mod Download Result

Shock My Friends APK is a casual game designed for groups of friends. It's a great way to bond and have some fun. It has many activities that will keep you and your friends entertained for hours. Download the game now and start shocking your friends.