When Does Destiny 2: Season 18 Start?

When Does Destiny 2: Season 18 Start? | Destiny 18 players looking for information on Season 2 release times before the August release can be found in this short article.

Destiny 2The Haunted Season of 's is coming to an end, and Bungie is soon kicking off Season 18 and the highly anticipated Arc 3.0 update. Season 18, which will launch on August 2 after the Destiny 23 showcase, and the presentation itself likely reveals the name and details of the upcoming Season and Lightfall expansion. There will be ongoing maintenance during the show, which means fans may want to start their game at the right time to avoid getting caught in long queues.

When Does Destiny 2: Season 18 Start?

23 August

Destiny 2 Season 18 Launch Time

Destiny 2 will also undergo maintenance at 09:00 PT, when the August premiere will begin. Once the showcase is over, players will be able to jump into the game while the background maintenance continues for another hour. This is a timeline for multiple time slots that will allow fans to know when the update will be released and then jump into Season 18 at the right time:

August 23, 10:00 PT
August 23 at 11:00 MT
August 23, 12 PM CT
August 23 at 13:00 PM ET

It's worth noting that with the patch, Destiny 2's official patch numbers will change to match internal codes for clarity purposes, but this is just a cosmetic change that doesn't affect anything else.

In order to log into the game as soon as possible, Destiny 2 players need to check for available updates on their PC or console. If not, a quick reboot is usually a good option, as the launcher should then look for updates and start installing them right away.

Destiny 2's Season 18 will likely kick off with a cutscene or promotional mission to identify the themes of the story and introduce the main characters involved. Only after the introductory mission is over will players be able to obtain the seasonal artifact and begin to discover new activities and quests, as well as discover various secrets that the Season contains.

Season 18 will also come with the traditional increase in Power Level cap and Power Level requirements for some events. The new hard cap should be 1580, not taking into account the additional boost from seasonal artifact when leveled up.

Finally, it's worth noting that Season 18 Raid for Destiny 2 will launch on Friday, August 26, and Contest Mode should be open for the first 24 hours since it went live.