Destiny 2: How to Level Up Fynch Fast? | Raising the Fynch Level

Destiny 2: How to Level Up Fynch Fast? | Raising the Fynch Level; Fynch is the Throne World vendor in Destiny 2's Witch Queen expansion, and players can unlock several must-have rewards as they rank up.

Destiny 2's The Witch Queen expansion introduces a brand new location, taking players deeper into Savathun's mind: Savathun's Throne World. This haunting new patrol area with loads of new activities is where players can find a new dealer named Fynch, who is also introduced in the campaign story.

Fynch, Destiny 2It provides several useful rank-up rewards for players looking to get the most out of The Witch Queen expansion in . Through it, players can unlock the Veritas armor set and several weapons, as well as gain access to higher Deepsight nodes. It is scattered around the Throne World. However, the most important features that players can access through it are:

  • Activity: Replayable Campaign Missions on higher difficulty. These provide great rewards for crafting, such as the Soaring Alloy and Pinnacle rewards. Each week the task is different.
  • Activity: The Wellspring higher difficulties. It also provides great rewards such as Ascendant Alloy, Pinnacle rewards, and high-stat Veritas armor. This version of Wellspring is set in 1580, so players need to be adequately prepared for a challenge.

All Activities That Raise Fynch's Rank

Players have a ton of different options when it comes to leveling up Fynch in Throne World. Most activities will provide progression for rank up packs, so spending a lot of time doing the various activities in the World of Throne will help players rank at a decent pace.

Here are the things players can focus on to gain level progression with Destiny 2: Fynch:

  • Open chests in Throne World. Higher level Deepsight chests provide more progression, so fynch Give priority to level 15 Deepsight nodes accessible after level 3 with .
  • On Throne World and/or Wellspring fynch's Complete your rewards. Both locations are valid for their rewards, be sure to return regularly for repeatable ones while getting any ranking rewards. It's also great for gaining some XP and leveling up that season pass. Be sure to claim a bounty on a fire suit for the XP boost.
  • Complete public events, patrols and lost sectors. Hunt high value targets. Players can switch back and forth between Quagmire's castle area and the center of the Florescent Canal in search of constantly high-value targets.
  • Collect Basic Osmium. This only makes some progress, but is easy to pick up while doing other things.
  • Activate Deepsight nodes and complete Deepsight puzzles. Higher level puzzles provide more progression, but players must be at least level 3 for level 15.
  • Complete the Wellspring runs. Even without the rewards, Wellspring does provide some rank up progression.

Destiny 2: The Best Strategy for Leveling Up Fynch

Since the expansion's release, it's been running from two close level 3 Deepsight chests to the next. fynch's Numerous strategies have emerged on how to quickly upgrade. However, as these have been aggressively patched by Bungie and will likely be in the future, this guide will not focus on how to do this. Players in a hurry can try to do these if they want, but they should keep in mind that these methods may not be available in the long run.

As with anything involving grinding in Destiny 2, players will need to focus on multitasking. Start the process by collecting all of Fynch's rewards and come back regularly for his repeatable rewards. The player must also use a Ghost mod that allows them to detect resources and caches from far away. After that, they need to go to the first area on the map with a Public Event. While completing these events, be sure to take a patrol and get all nearby world chests and Basic Osmium.

If no activity is active, stay on patrol for a while and look for high-value targets and Deepsight puzzle nodes. Complete every Deepsight node in an area and even complete the local lost sector of the area before moving on to the next. Players who see a Hero patrol should definitely get it, too. These are patrol symbols with a gold star and contain a more formidable enemy at the end.

Activities with the Most Ranking Advancement

Patrols and the like will be easy to do on the fly, but players who want significant progression beyond a certain level with Fynch should focus on opening chests from level 200 Deepsight knot puzzles, which will yield around 3 progression points.

Wellspring is also a great activity, but only when paired with rewards. Players can get about 125 progressions for the activity alone, but redeemable rewards for 20 progression points each can quickly make the activity worthwhile. It's also great for multi-tasking players who still need to grind for their Wellspring weapon models, or for players who want to get their hands on the other two Exotic Glaive models.

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