Deep Metropolis: Mining Manufacturing facility v5.3.3 Mod Apk

Deep Metropolis: Mining Production facility v5.3.3 Mod Apk Deep Metropolis is a sci-fi technique sport where you play as artificial intelligence just to win, produce and reproduce.


The crust of a planet is incredibly deep, filled with various metals, precious stones and rare finds. A hi-tech digging system like yours can drill through any rock, the use of a variety of technologies,
takes care of piercing robots, cryogenic freezing technologies, fire explosions and more, you name it!


Buildings, automatic mineral resources, smelt and forge metals, craft products,
Combine fine production plant pipelines in the atmosphere and sell things for profit!
Collect a world of your own care, an underground city of steampunk-minded bots.


Be aware – archeology. While digging – uncover caves and send expedition boats to inspect their interiors, uncover the hidden myth that has your planet’s previous advantage and a solution explored through the ages – are we the place?

Deep city is a free indie sport and without a doubt one of the most remarkable technical video games in your pocket, with its sluggish aspects and production plant clicker one tap mechanics, it could be the most remarkable miner or digger available. We decided to characterize him as a kind of Underground city builder. If you've played digging video games before, this city clicker is for you!

Deep Town: Mining Factory
Deep Town: Mining Factory
Deep Town: Mining Factory
Deep Town: Mining Factory
Deep Town: Mining Factory
Deep Town: Mining Factory


1. on his maintain added, we value any product price for it goes to plus 9999999, now the death of sources disappears
2. chemical recovery 9999999
Loading Splash art is modified to THIS
Bot Constructing uprade is modified to 400 copper as a replacement of crystals
Every merchandise is made in 10 seconds, offers 100 Million items (Gifts of wintertale is unchanegd)
Constructing multiplier is determined to 4
1 2d value and upgrade time for loads of buildings/upgrades
Every talents on hand lvl1, costs 1 point and has High Dmg (With the exception of mining bots)
1 Second slay and 1 Gold Payment expeditions
Making Hydrogen offers you 100 Million of Every Ore form in the game (+100Mill Hydrogen and Oxygen as smartly ^^)
Uranium Rod needs 1 sodium and 1 uranium ore
Solar panel and wind turbine offer 10 times extra vitality
Rare and Free chest now offers 100x extra rare items
Bot actions last for 270 hours
Player LvL upgrades cost 3 copper bars at all ranges (quiet need coins for heart upgrades)
After a while some quests offer 100.000 crystals

Unlimited Gold Cash
Unlimited Diamonds
*After completing the instructions, click on the daily reward to get a wide variety of diamonds.


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