While Cyberpunk 2077 continues to be eagerly awaited, every information about the game content and characters continues to be a subject of intense curiosity.

Cyberpunk 2077, huge open world RPG(The Witcher 3Skyrim), is defined not by the strength of the main story but by the side quests surrounding it. Cyberpunk 2077 developer CD Project Red built the whole game with this philosophy.  Night CityMost of the things you can do in . are completely optional. Although the choices are optional, the freedom you are in will give you exciting and emotional moments, making the game one of the best in recent years. RPGmaking it one of them. It also offers excuses to send you to every corner of the city, allowing you to discover places you have not been yet. famous actor Keanu Reeves the dead rock star and anti-corporate terrorist brought to life by Johnny Silverhandappears as an unpopular character. Johnny's V His confrontational relationship with him becomes the mainstay of this story as they fight to find a solution to their shared mess. Cyberpunk 2077 After passing the opening part, the main quests slowly start to heat things up. Growing like a bush, branching paths as you progress in the game, rapidly increasing options are the other options played. RPG It feels different from the games. The game lacks a sense of growth by rating because the options available are growing rapidly and there is so much to see and do. Although there is much that is not directly given to you in the game, there is still much to see and do. Cyberpunk 2077 And you're not playing a role in your own creativity. V you're playing and it's not yours V's story happens. The side quests and the main story in the game make you feel as if you are playing two different characters. This is mostly because the main story puts you in an hour. Not exactly a timer though. RPG Their stories, as they are known, have very urgent events and traps. Having an ever-present threat makes it awkward to do fun things and VIn 's situation, it doesn't make much sense to linger. Even though the game gives you the freedom to play the character you want during the side activities, the main story V have clearly defined priorities for

Welcome to the machine

 RPG its basis, each with war, stealth hacking etc. It has five main stats, divided into two or three different skill lines, which provide different advantages for the player. Using these sub-skills level up passively to give you an added advantage. It will allow you to grow according to how you play the game and to actively invest points when you level up. Parent skills in the game basically determine which dialogue options you can use. at least traditional RPG When it comes to progression, you can invest in overall skill points, as sub-skills have their own point system. It's like hacking a computer and transferring money to your account. On the other hand, quick hacking that lets you manipulate cameras, turrets, enemies and more in hostile scenarios requires a lot of cyber investment. You need to have enough RAM and Cyberdeck to use the ones that require more memory. Night CityAlthough the beautiful things in ' are expensive, there is a job to make money, even though it is an obstacle when it comes to the stage of progress.

Crazy City!

Night City It is very beautiful with its striking architecture, neon lights and structures that pierce the sky, but this is a difficult world and it is equally difficult to be in. This is a world where people rule their lives, where inequality is rampant and violence is part of life. Because the city is so large, you often have to walk or drive when traveling from certain points. The fact that there are not enough researched or contextualized words in the translation part of the game leaves the door open to criticism.
Night CityYou meet a wide variety of people. These encounters sometimes happen when you are called for a job that suits you. Some of these people die badly. If the undead V's friends and love interests, and of course there are prominent characters.

Legendary Man Keanu Reeves

Johnny Silverhand with you for most of the game. It pops up in almost every task to try to influence your decisions, to distract you. His relationship with her is sometimes playful and funny, and sometimes completely hostile. Roughly speaking, Johnny is an asshole. As the dialogue options indicate, he can be qualified as a terrorist or not. In 2023, he placed a nuclear bomb inside the Arasaka Tower, causing the death of many people. But Reeves can make all this attractive. In most of the missions, you can't be sure of the completely right or completely wrong choices, and Johnny's presence makes these decisions even more uncertain.

As a result;

Cyberpunk 2077gives you a real lot of choice in how you build your character, strategize on missions, and confront enemies, and your decisions can have a tangible and natural impact on both the world around you and the stories of the people who live in it. The main quest may end sooner if taken on its own, and it's not always clear what you should do in its finale. However, the large number of side quests available from the start can have a strong impact on the main quest.

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