CS: GO Blood Delete Code | CS: GO Blood Hide Removal

How to remove blood in CS: GO, get ahead of your opponents with these one-to-one methods to increase FPS! The consequences of battles in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive greatly pollute the maps, impair visibility and help opponents disguise. That's why questions often arise about how to clean up blood, lead traces and other debris in CS:GO. The problem is, there is no way to permanently delete blood in online battles. The option how to turn off blood in CS 1.6 (using the brutality_hblood 0 command) is not available in new versions of Global Offensive, so you have to look for alternatives. There are several binding options for removing blood and bullets in CS:GO.

Method  Application
     Add the command bind “w” “+ forward”; r_cleardecals”. With each forward movement, traces of blood and lead will be removed.
Shoot      Another option is to remove blood in CS GO after a shot, prescribing such a command for the mouse button: MOUSE1 “+ bind attack; r_cleardecals”. This is a convenient option to clean the blood of CS GO, as it triggers after each shot.
Acceleration      The method of clearing blood using shift in CS:GO is similar to the previous ones, but the commands will be different: bind “shift” “+ speed; r_cleardecals”. In CS:GO this method of wiping blood will work every time the player speeds up.
Do Unfortunately, in CS:GO there is no way to bind bloodletting to any mouse movement. But still, there is a way to clean the blood in CS:GO: a link in the mouse allows you to remove the blood by moving the wheel. Bind MWHEELUP The “r_cleardecals” command gives you the option of how to turn off blood in CS:GO by swiping up and swiping down if you replace the button code with MWHEELDOWN.
any key  In CS:GO there is also an option to turn off the blood by pressing any unnecessary keys. For example, you can enter bind “p” “r_cleardecals” to be able to clear the map of bullet traces, blood and other debris by pressing P.

Where to enter CS GO commands

Since it is completely impossible to turn off blood in CS GO in the settings, it is necessary to use the specified methods by entering commands. Before turning off the blood in CS:GO with the bindings of the console, you need to activate it in the settings and call it with the "~" button. Codes for different buttons are entered manually one by one. To implement several methods in CS:GO at once, the link for each can be entered in a text file configuration in the game folder. After starting the game, you must enter the exec config command.


Why is the blood turned off?

The main reason is to improve the visibility of the maps to remove the debris that prevents you from noticing the enemies. Another reason why people often look for how to get blood out of CS: GO is to improve performance on old computers.

Do old commands work?

In CS 1.6 there was a way to turn off blood by turning off violence but now it doesn't work.

How to save CSGO bindings forever?

To write commands to permanently remove bloodstains and bullet holes, you can enter them into the config and use the exec config command if needed.

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