Crow Brawl Stars Features and Costumes

Brawl Stars Crow

In this writing Crow Brawl Stars Features and Costumes We will examine, the one that moves fast like a car in the game and poisons the right and left, which seems to continue to be the nightmare of its rivals for a while. Crow We will provide information about Features, Star Powers, Accessories and Costumes.

Also The Turkish Crow Nprincipal to playTips What are we will talk about them.

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Crow Brawl Stars Features and Costumes
Brawl Stars Crow character

Crow Brawl Stars Features and Costumes

Crow fires three poisoned daggers. He jumps as a super move, firing daggers both when jumping and landing!
Crow can only poison his enemies with his daggers over time. very low health one A Legendary Snowis an actor. Attacks by firing 3 long-range daggers that apply poison to enemies and deal damage over time. Crow's Super lets him jump and land while throwing daggers radially around him on takeoff and landing.

first accessory Defense Booster (Defence Booster) briefly grants him a damage reduction shield.

Second accessory , Slowing Toxin, Slows all poisoned enemies for a few seconds.

First Star Power Extra Toxic, Moderately reduces the damage output of a poisoned enemy.

Second Star Power Scavenger Crow, deals additional damage to their daggers from both their attack and Super when an enemy is below 50%.

Class: Assassin

Attack: Dagger (Switchblade );

Crow throws a triple dagger threat. Enemies caught by poisonous blades take damage over time.
Crow throws three long-range daggers in front of him at once. These daggers damage enemies on contact, while dealing damage over time to the enemy. poison also gives. The poison effect deals damage for 4 ticks, lasts 4 seconds, and prevents the enemy from automatically healing. No matter how many times the enemy is hit by Crow's attack, they only take one stack of poison at a time.

Super: Blanket  (swoop)

Crow takes to the skies, launching a ring of poisoned daggers on both takeoff and landing.
Crow leaps into the air and throws 14 daggers that spread out radially as he travels. He then glides on his target, firing another set of 14 daggers radially on landing. These daggers can still deliver poison and have a similar range to Crow's main attack. While airborne, Crow is completely immune to all damage as well as damage applied over time.

Brawl Stars Crow Costumes

Brutal crow Crow has 5 different costumes in the game. While you can buy 5 of these 3 different costumes directly with diamonds, you can buy 2 of them with star points.

Here are Crow's costumes and the prices of these costumes are as follows;

  • White Crow: 80 Diamonds
  • Phoenix Crow: 300 Diamonds
  • Mecha Crow: 300 Diamonds
  • Gold Mecha Crow: 5000 Star Points
  • Dark Mecha Crow: 10000 Star Points
  • Pure Gold Crow(Pure gold costume) (Christmas costume)
  • Pure Silver Crow(Pure silver costume) (Christmas costume) 
Crow Brawl Stars Features and Costumes
Crow Brawl Stars Features and Costumes

Crow Features

Bell: 2400
Damage per dagger: 448
Reload speed (seconds) 1400
Attack speed (seconds) 500
Character speed: Very fast – Well above normal speed
Attack range: 8.67
Damage amount at level 1: 960
9-10. Level of damage: 1344
Star power damage amount: 6372

Health ;

Level Health
1 2400
2 2520
3 2640
4 2760
5 2880
6 3000
7 3120
8 3240
9 – 10 3360

Crow Star Power

warrior's 1. star power : Extra Toxic ;

Crow's poison drains the power of enemies that do 20% less damage when poisoned.
Crow's daggers inflict an attack debuff that reduces a poisoned enemy's damage output by 20%. If the poison wears off, the effect disappears.

warrior's 2. star power : Scavenger Crow ;

Crow deals +50 damage with his attack and his Super to targets at 120% or less health.
If the enemy has less than 50% of their maximum health, Crow deals 120 extra damage with his main attack and his Super, along with increased poison damage to the enemy. Additionally, the health bars will turn pink instead of the usual red to indicate that the bonus is active. This effect is lost if the enemy reaches more than 50% health.

Crow Accessory

warrior's 1. accessory : Defense Booster ;

Crow gains a shield for 3.0% of incoming damage for 40 seconds. 
crow, PinkGains a shield that looks the same as 's, reducing all damage taken by 3% for 40 seconds.

warrior's 2. accessory : Slowing Toxin ;

All enemies currently poisoned are slowed for 5 seconds.
Crow currently slows any enemy inflicted by Crow's poison for 5 seconds, including enemies outside of Crow's view. The slowdown continues for 5 seconds, even if the poison goes away faster.


  1. Due to Crow's fast reload speed, he can consume his attack relatively often. This allows him to constantly inflict poison damage on enemies, preventing them from healing them and always generating his Super.
  2. His Super is a fitting assassination tool. When an enemy's health is low enough due to poison damage, he can pounce on them for an easy defeat.
  3. Crow's daggers do very little damage on their own, but the poison damage effect over time deals the same amount of poison damage to Crow's victims as a single dagger.
  4. Crow's Super is great against characters who can barely defend themselves at close range. However, beware of jumping on two enemies at the same time; Combined firepower and health make it difficult for Crow to defeat without dying.
  5. *Crow's poison prevents the poisoned enemy from healing for 3 seconds longer than their normal healing time (4 seconds) because the poison causes them to take damage over a long period of time. This can really hamper an enemy team's ability to regroup quickly. Poison damage also causes the enemy to spawn while on grass, therefore it also prevents poisonous Warriors from hiding for a while. That's why Crow is a great poker game that can finish off low-health enemies or constantly prevent isolated enemies from regenerating, forcing them to retreat.
  6. Crow's Super is a viable escape tool. as the enemies approach if his health is low, Use your Super to fly. The dagger ring will damage enemies both on takeoff and landing.
  7. *Never fast-fire Crow's Super while your health is low, as this will throw him dangerously towards the nearest enemy.
  8. One way to use Crow effectively is to take advantage of its range by dealing poke damage. Attack and retreat from afar to damage an enemy's health and charge their Super. While this does low damage, it usually prevents enemies from moving away from cover or even pushing enemies back to their respawn points (in team-based modes).
  9. **Crow's Super, War Ball It can be useful for. Crow once he has the ball and his Super, he can kick the ball in front of him and then uses his Super to try to catch the ball and score a goal, past the other brawlers.
  10. Crow's  Extra Toxic star power, reduces damage dealt by enemies. This is also the IKE turrets, Boss War robots and Big Game it also works on their bosses, making them less effective overall in the long run and increasing their team's survivability.
  11. Crow's Super is extremely useful and should not be wasted. Despite the high melee damage Crow has, it's best to poke the enemy and use his Super to chase or approach a lower health enemy.
  12. Most snipers are at long ranges. Crow'Deals more damage than , so your best bet against them is to play it safe and Crow's maximum range and spawn a Super or wait for his allies to deal enough damage to finish him off. Using Crow's high speed to dodge enemy bullets is also an effective strategy if a player knows how to do it.
  13. Crow works best against short range enemies. His venom stops them from healing, and his speed allows him to chase them and retreat if they try to attack him.
  14. With a high-damage teammate Double ShowdownaIt is much more ideal to play too.
  15. Crow's fast movement speed, Brock'a or a Bea'S Most of their rockets and drones can be used to dodge slow attacks, so use this to waste the enemy's ammo.
  16. An advanced aiming tactic is to try to hit 2 daggers from an enemy at medium range by aiming lightly to the edges. This becomes easier as the enemy gets closer to him. However, at a certain point it's better to fire quickly so that all 3 daggers hit a target.
  17. Generally, Extra Toxic star power  , both binary and Single Reckoning It is a better Star Power for Since surviving is the number one priority, reducing an enemy's damage is easier than finishing them (Scavenger Crow with star power) is much more important.Extra Toxic star power Since damage reduction is based on percentage, it also scales with the target's power cubes, giving it a better chance against enemies with more Power Cubes.
  18. Defense after using Crow's Super to gain more value and play aggressively Booster accessory must be enabled. The Slowing Toxin, however, must be activated just before Crow can use his Super to block mobility to evade the Super.


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