Colt Brawl Stars Features and Costumes

Colt character

In this writing Colt Brawl Stars Features We will examine, one of the strongest and most popular sniper characters in the game. Colt's star powers, accessories and costumes Official We will provide information about how to play colt, NSwhat are the tips we will talk about them.

Here is all the details Colt  character…

3920 soulful Coltmakes accurate shots with his dual pistols.

Coltis an unlocked Trophy Path reward after reaching 60 Trophies. common character.

Its superparticles envelop and expand the rain of bullets. Here is all the details Colt character…

Colt Brawl Stars Features and Costumes
brawl stars colt image

Colt Brawl Stars Features and Costumes Picture

He has a fairly low amount of health, but a high damage output. It fires a total of six shots per attack, and these shots have a very long range. His super ability is very similar to his main attack, but fires an extra-long volley of twelve bullets that can destroy obstacles.

First accessory: Quick Recharge, Instantly reloads 2 ammo into the ammo bar.

Second accessory: Silver Bullet, transforms his next attack into a single piercing shot that deals massive damage.

First Star Power Spring BootsSlightly but noticeably increases movement speed

Second Star Power Magnum SpecialSlightly increases the range and projectile speed of his main attack.

Attack: Revolver ;

Colt fires straight six long-range shots with his pistols.
The Colt fires six rounds straight. It can hunt down enemies at long ranges. Each bullet does very little damage on its own, but a whole barrage hitting an enemy can deal devastating burst damage. The attack takes 0,75 seconds to complete.

Super: Bullet Storm ;

Colt unleashes a massive blast of bullets that fires far and destroys the trench.
Colt fires twelve extra-long rounds. These projectiles appear larger in size, have a fairly long range, and are capable of destroying bushes and walls and hitting enemies behind them. Note that every bullet that hits a wall destroys the wall, but any bullet that hits the wall is also destroyed. Super takes 1.35 seconds to complete.

Brawl Stars Colt Costumes

Colt Brawl Stars has four different skins in the game. The player can have the Colt costume of their choice by paying the required star fees. Colt Brawler costumes and costs are as follows:

  • Rock Star Colt: 30 Stars
  • Agent Colt: 150 Stars
  • Pirate Colt: 150 Stars
  • Rogue Colt: 500 Stars

Of these costumes, the Agent Colt costume is added to the game; The 'New Lunar New Year' costume and the Pirate Colt costume are included as the 'Christmas Holiday' costume.

Colt Brawl Stars Features and Costumes
Colt Brawl Stars Features and Costumes

Colt Star Power

warrior's 1. star power : Spring Boots ;

Colt's movement speed increased by 13%.
Colt's movement speed is increased by 13%, allowing him to move faster than most other players and Crow ve Leon It allows him to move in the same way as very fast players.

warrior's 2. star power : Magnum Special ;

Colt's attack range and projectile speed increased by 11%.
Colt's main attack range is increased by almost 1 tile to almost Piper ve Brockbecame equal to . Projectile speed is also normally increased to reach the target in the same amount of time at maximum range. This does not affect his Super range.

Colt Features

Colt has 8 different character traits in the game. These features develop as the level progresses and Colt gets stronger. Colt Brawl Stars features:

  • Health: 3920
  • Damage Per Bullet: 448 (6)
  • SUPER: Damage Per Bullet: 448 (12)
  • Super Length: 1250 ms
  • Reload Speed ​​(ms): 1600
  • Attack Speed ​​(ms): 800
  • Speed: Normal (An average speed sniper)
  • Attack Range: 9
  • Level 1 Damage: 1920
  • 9-10. Level Damage: 2688
  • Level 1 Super Damage: 3840
  • 9-10. Level Super Damage: 5376

listed as. In addition to these, Colt has an accessory to increase its power. With his accessory called the 'Speedloader', Colt can instantly reload 2 ammo.

level hit points Damage Super Damage
1 2800 1920 3840
2 2940 2016 4032
3 3080 2112 4224
4 3220 2208 4416
5 3360 2304 4608
6 3500 2400 4800
7 3640 2496 4992
8 3780 2592 5184
9-10 3920 2688 5376
Health ;
Level Health
1 2800
2 2940
3 3080
4 3220
5 3360
6 3500
7 3640
8 3780
9 – 10 3920

Colt Accessory

Warrior's 1st accessory: Quick Recharge ;

Colt instantly reloads 2 ammo.

Warrior's 2st accessory: Silver Bullet :

Colt's next attack is a powerful shot that deals as much damage as his entire explosion as he passes both obstacles and enemies.

Colt Accessory silver bullet

Colt Extraction

60 trophies are required to launch Colt Brawl Stars. The player must open boxes in the game and win the match to earn trophies. The more matches played in the game, the higher the chance of opening a box. With enough unboxing and trophy collection, the player can unlock the Colt character.

brawl stars colt image
brawl stars colt image

Colt Tips

  1. Try to keep your distance. Colt specializes in long-range combat and Shelly, El Primo ve Bull He can easily outrun players like him.
  2. Follow the enemy's movement. The full potential of your attack requires all six of your bullets to hit the enemy. Predicting and tracking the enemy's movement can allow all of your bullets to hit and deal massive damage.
  3. Colt is relatively good compared to other snipers. has a fast reload time, so in most cases you can counter them first. If you need more ammo, Quick Recharge your accessory  You can also use.
  4. Colt's Super attack can be used to directly destroy enemies, or it can be used to destroy enemy cover so the rest of the team can move in and finish off the enemies. Additionally, his Super ability can also be used to prevent enemies from passing through an area for a short time.
  5. You'll want to use Colt on more open maps where he can effectively gain control of the map, outpacing many players with his attacks. Magnum Special Star Power, It is more effective in open areas as it gives it additional range and therefore increases its control area.
    Colt's Spring Boots star power , allowing it to move faster, allowing it to chase or flee for easier protection. Spring Boots are great for dodging enemy bullets.
  6. In the Cannon, if there are still 2 blocks on the ends of the goal, you can hit the ball against the wall, then immediately use the Super or Silver Bullet to break the walls so that the ball passes the goal with the new open area. .
  7. Colt's Quick Refill accessory, In the robbery It can be extremely useful when attacking enemy coffers. The additional ammo it provides can deal massive damage even when Colt runs out of ammo and is potentially vulnerable to enemy team.
  8. In Double Showdown and in other team modes it's helpful to play Colt with teammates who can slow and/or stun enemies through Supers, Tools, and Star Powers to make it easier to shoot all his bullets.
  9. A Mortis When attacked by Colt, try to move in one direction and shoot in the opposite direction from Colt. Since Mortis lands slightly behind or on Colt with his attack, if Colt continues to move in the same way, hitting him with all the bullets, he has to follow him on subsequent attacks.
  10. Colt's Quick Refill accessory size Silver BulletWhile dealing twice the damage, it's hard to hit all shells even at close range, because Silver Bullet , as well as clearing the landscape, essentially guarantees hitting at close range or bypassing obstacles if you can ambush and surprise the enemy. So if you can hit most shots consistently, for example on extremely constrained maps or against stationary or slow targets,Silver Bulletisince you can take advantage of almost exactly 2 shots according to Quick Recharge it's a better choice, which gives you less damage for one ammo.

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