Colonel Ruffs Brawl Stars Features New Character 2021

Brawl Stars Colonel Ruffs

In this writing Colonel Ruffs Brawl Stars Features New Character 2021 We'll review it, Brawl Stars Starpower Update has arrived; Colonel Ruffs joins the game. ;Colonel Ruffsfires twin laser shots that bounce off walls. Her Signature ability is a supply drop that can damage enemies in the fall zone, leaving a power-up for your team to use.

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Well When will the fifth season of Brawl Stars Starr Force start?

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Colonel Ruffs Brawl Stars Features-New Character 2021
Colonel Ruffs Brawl Stars Features-New Character 2021

Colonel Ruffs Brawl Stars Features New Character 2021

Colonel Ruffs, Season 5: Starr force A unlockable as a level 30 reward support character will appear as Chromatic Warrior. It can be unlocked from boxes in the Brawl Pass or season 30 Brawl Pass after Level 5 in its featured season. It has moderate damage but a fast reload speed with a low cooldown.

His main attack fires double laser shots side by side, bouncing off walls to damage enemies. Ruffs also leaves a buff for allies and increases warriors' health and damage. With his Super, he summons a drop of supplies from the sky that deals damage to enemies and leaves a power boost on the ground. Upon receipt, allies will gain a damage increase and additional max health.Colonel Ruffs It is a dog serving on a spaceship.

accessory take cover! produces three sandbags that block non-penetrating enemy fire.

Star Power Air Superiority, Allows his Super to break through walls and deal more damage.

Removing Colonel Ruffs Without Brawl Pass

An important tip: Do not open any of your boxes before Level 30. Especially if you don't buy the Brawl Pass. Do not open Colonel Ruffs from the boxes before level 30, so that the chances of Colonel Ruffs will increase in the boxes you open in the future.

If you buy Brawl Pass this way, you will have saved boxes to level up Ruffs.

Attack: Double Barrel Laser

Ruffs' double laser bounces off the walls over and over. They can shoot enemies behind cover.
Colonel Ruffs, fire two lasers simultaneously, parallel to each other. They can bounce off walls up to three times, increasing their range by 1 square, similar to Rico's attack. This attack has a low cooldown.

Super: supply reduction ;

Ruffs summon a supply drop that can damage enemies in the landing area, leaving a power-up for friendly brawlers to pick up. Power up increases health and damage. It does not stack and disappears when it dies.
Colonel Ruffsthrows a beacon that initiates a supply drop after a short one second delay. An indicator shows the area of ​​effect of the attack, which when it hits the ground, damages and knocks back enemies and knocks them back. A power boost in the form of a small badge appears for an indefinite period that both Colonel Ruffs and their allies can take, increasing their attack damage by 20% and their maximum health by 700 health (and instantly healing them for 700 health in the process).

Fighters using the buff will glow with a pinkish purplish hue. These buffs stack with other buffs, but multiple buffs cannot be taken. This also means that players' healing attacks or Supers (Poco or a Byron etc.) will increase its healing power. These buffs are available when defeated or In the Cannon disappears when a goal is scored. However, this includes accessories or Brock'a Alev It does not affect Star Powers.

With the Starr Force update, new character Ruffs is added to the game.
With the Starr Force update, new character Ruffs is added to the game.

Colonel Ruffs Star Power

Warrior's star power: Air Superiority;

Ammo Boost now includes a bomb that adds +1000 damage to the drop and also allows it to destroy walls.
Ruffs' Super now deals an additional 1000 damage to enemies hit and allows his Super to destroy walls and bushes

Colonel Ruffs accessory

warrior's accessory : take cover! :

Ruffs throws 3 punching bags to cover himself. Each has 2000 health.
Colonel Ruffs spawns three immobile sandbags with 2000 health in a triangle shape around him. They block narrow non-penetrating enemy fire. Auto-aim does not prioritize sandbags.

Colonel Ruffs Features


With the Starr Force update, new character Ruffs is added to the game.
Colonel Ruffs Health attributes


Infrequency Chromatic
Class Support
Movement speed 720


Attack :

Colonel Ruffs Brawl Stars-New Character 2021
Attack Features

Colonel Ruffs Costumes

  • Colonel Ruffs Default
  • Samurai Ruffs (brawl pass special)
Colonel Ruffs Brawl Stars Costumes
Colonel Ruffs Brawl Stars Costumes

Colonel Ruffs Tips

  1. When targeting Ruffs' Super, allies can get support quite easily and enemies can Try to aim near where they can be repulsed. After getting your first support, this is Reckoningcan also be largely ignored. Either way, getting your Super fast is crucial.
  2. Instant healing provides some protection to players with low health. If the ally in question isn't behind cover, it's more effective to register a power up when they respawn or take it.
  3. Ruffs' Super, Air Supremacy Star Power can break walls with In the Cannon It can be very helpful to overcome obstacles while playing.
  4. Ruff's attacks bounce off walls Rico's attacks can be as useful. This can be useful when playing on maps with many walls.
  5. While Ruffs is a support player, he can also offer quite a bit of offensive power. Double Barrel LaserOffers quick burst damage as well as Super. If Colonel Ruffs' attack damage is empowered by a power-up, or Air Supremacy Star PowerIt can be increased even more if it uses .
  6. Ruff's Sandbags can be useful when attacked as he can protect himself (and allies) while shooting over sandbags. Sandbags do not protect against piercing attacks, so be careful when someone with a piercing attack comes at you.

When will the fifth season of Brawl Stars Starr Force start?

Supercell has confirmed that the fifth season of Brawl Stars will begin on February 1. The fourth season of Brawl Stars will also end on the same day, on February 1st. The new season will start right after the season ends or just after a short maintenance break. Some of the highlights of the fifth season's Brawl Pass are the D4R-RY1 skin and the chromatic brawler Ruffs. The Brawl Pass will include 70 tiers of rewards. At level 70, a costume will be unlocked for the new Brawler known as Ronin Ruffs. You can unlock the Brawl Pass for 169 diamonds. Alternatively, players can also purchase the Brawl Pass bundle for 10 gems, which will unlock 249 levels instantly.