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In our article Colette Brawl Stars Features and Costumes we will examine Colette Brawl Starsday by day, he becomes a warrior that everyone wants to achieve. Colette, who is officially killing her target, provides a great advantage in the game with her unique taxation system. Colette We will provide information about Features, Star Powers, Accessories and Costumes.

Also The Turkish Colette Nprincipal to playTips What are we will talk about them.

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Colette Brawl Stars Features and Costumes

It taxes the health of its opponents and has fancy moves to boot.
3400 soulful colette, From Season 3: Welcome to Starr Park! One from Brawl Boxes that can be unlocked as a Brawl Pass reward at stage 30. chromatic character . Attacks the more health the enemy has, or fires a projectile that deals a fixed amount of damage at certain targets. For his Super he dashes forward and backs up very quickly, dealing damage based on their maximum health to all enemies in his path.

accessory Devotion (Na-ah!) Causes his next shot to deal 37% of the enemy's maximum health, or double damage to special targets.

First Star Power Heavy Tax, carries the enemy to the furthest point of his Super and stuns them until Colette returns.

Second Star Power tax hikegrants him a temporary shield that increases damage reduction for each enemy hit by his Super.

Class : fighter

Attack: Executive

Colette fires a heart-shaped projectile at long range, granting 37% of the opponent's current health; thus, it can deal massive damage to high health targets like Frank, but low damage to low health targets like Piper or Tick.

Super: Collection Time  ;

Colette dashes back and forth, dealing taxation damage based on their maximum health to anyone in her path.
Colette dashes forward a long distance until she reaches maximum range or is blocked by a wall, then returns to her starting position. If it collides with an enemy, it applies 20% of the target's maximum health on both the forward and turning move. Similar to his main attack, Power Cube buffs are applied after base damage is calculated and deals double damage to special targets as his main attack.

Brawl Stars Colette Costumes

  • Bad Colette(Brawl Pass costume)(Trixie )
  • Navigator Colette: 80 diamonds (season 5: starr force season skin)

Colette Features

  • Movement speed is 720, but when his super is used, it becomes 7200.
  • Deals more damage to special targets.
  • If her accessory is summoned, she takes 37% of her enemies' health away. If the target is a special target, it deals 74% damage.
  • It has 8.67 range; Supercharges 25% per hit.


Level Health
1 3400
2 3570
3 3740
4 3910
5 4080
6 4250
7 4420
8 4590
9 – 10 4760

attack ;

Level Minimal damage Damage to special targets
1 500 1000
2 525 1050
3 550 1100
4 575 1150
5 600 1200
6 625 1250
7 650 1300
8 675 1350
9 – 10 700 1400


Level Damage to special targets
1 2000
2 2100
3 2200
4 2300
5 2400
6 2500
7 2600
8 2700
9 – 10 2800

Colette Star Power

warrior's 1. star power : Heavy Tax ;

All enemy fighters hit by Colette's charge will be moved to the furthest point of the attack!
While using her Super, Colette drags enemies she hits into her Super's maximum range. This will interrupt all attacks and Supers like Carl's or Frank's Super. Fighters affected by this Star Power can also be pushed into the water. Warriors moved to the furthest point of the attack will be hit twice.

warrior's 2. star power : tax hike ;

Colette's Signature ability grants her a 5,0% shield for 20 seconds. Each enemy fighter it hits gains 10% more protection.
While using his Super, he will receive an initial 10% damage reduction shield that increases by 20% with each enemy hit, and the shield will last for 5 seconds after using his Super. This can make him gain 8% damage reduction (immunity) if he hits 100 or more enemies with his Super. Note that even with 100% shield it won't affect slows, stuns, or knockbacks.

Colette Accessory

Warrior's accessory: Devotion ;

Colette's next shot deals damage based on the opponent's maximum health or doubles the damage dealt to special targets.
When activated, Colette's next attack affects 37% of enemies' maximum health. If the target is a special target, it deals double damage instead. An accessory symbol will shine over Colette's head, indicating that this accessory has been activated. The cooldown for this accessory starts after the attack is used.

Colette Brawl Stars Removal

What needs to be done to get Colette, a good fighter, is quite simple. You can remove Colette by opening the boxes you won as a result of the matches you made in Brawl Stars. You can open more boxes by playing more matches to increase your chances of landing Colette.

If you want to remove Colette immediately you can buy it with diamonds. If you do not have enough diamonds, you can buy diamonds from the market for money. You can use the coupons obtained by Brawl Stars' contracted partners.

Colette Tips

  1. Colette is a fighter specializing as a support tank counter. Their attacks can reduce enormous amounts of health, but struggles to finish off his opponents in a short time without proper support.
  2. *Colette's Super can be used to collect gems and return to the trench, which makes her In The Diamond Catch makes a good jewelery carrier. Super also in reckoning Power Cubes or in the siege It can be used to collect screws.
  3. colette's  Heavy Tax star power GaleCan be used like 's Super'. In 3v3 modes, Franc'Like hers, it can be used to interrupt a Fighter's Super or to banish teammates to give them some time to take control of the mid-team. also in reckoning can push the enemy to gas or meteorites.
  4. If Colette is facing a full health support character, avoid using her accessory. The accessory deals the same amount of damage as its main attack and should instead be used when enemies are at low health.
  5. Single Settlementor use Colette's range to remotely control enemies. This should protect you from most enemy fire (assuming the enemy has a small or medium attack range) and is much safer than approaching enemies. If you do this correctly, you will eventually take down the enemy or make them an easy target for other players in the area who could finish them off.
  6. With two quick shots and a Super hit, Colette can beat almost any character in the game. This tactic makes Colette an effective tank counter, but also exposes her to some vulnerable positions. His Super has a fast recharge rate with his attack, which means he can do it multiple times.

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