Chapters: Interactive Stories MOD APK v6.1.4 -Diamond Mod

Chapters: Interactive Stories MOD APK v6.1.4 -Diamond Mod ;Chapters is the largest interactive game with the stories you know and love. Live your story, your own style, where you control what happens next! Choose your story with Chapters, an interactive story game that allows you to choose your path in each story. You can find the download link of Chapters: Interactive Stories MOD APK in our article.

Chapters: Interactive Stories MOD APK v6.1.4

Overview Information

Application Name : Chapters: Interactive Stories
Publishers Crazy Maple Studio Dev
Type : Simulation
Dimension : 150M
Latest Version : 6.1.4
MOD Information: Diamonds / Tickets
Download : Google Play
update March 5, 2021

About Chapters: Interactive Stories

Live in a story where I have the right to decide

Indeed, Chapters: Interactive Stories lets its players choose from everything in the world it creates. First, to play this game, players will have to choose a story they want to dive into. For example, if you always wanted to be a princess, choose "KILL THE PRINCESS". Or if you're going to be a hero, you can also play the "Original Story of Episodes: ROBIN HOOD". With a few keywords typed into the search box, you can live in a world I dream of. Even many stories of the same model will be constantly updated to satisfy their players.

Chapters: Interactive Stories (MOD, Diamonds/Tickets)

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Simple and exciting gameplay that requires high reading comprehension skills

Players will play the main character of a pre-created backstory. It means that the initial situation will allow you to gradually get used to the rhythm of life of the character and all the relationships around him. Gradually, everything will gradually increase and new characters will appear that will change the situation in your life. Situations will constantly be mentioned and require players to react to them within a certain amount of time. It's like life gives you so many surprises. The player can never predict what kind of situation he will face. Are these situations difficult or easy to resolve? Is it closely related to the story or does it lead to a turning point in life? Of course, you'll never know until the story ends.

Chapters: Interactive Stories (MOD, Diamonds/Tickets)

A story with different endings

So, will your life end happily with the decisions you think are right? Or does it take you to a hell on earth where everything upsets you? You will never know before. But when it's all done when the players can understand it.

The unique thing that makes this type of game so appealing is that it lets you play the same story over and over. If your final match decisions lead you to a sad end, don't do it this time. Chapters: Interactive Stories allows players to experience the story multiple times. You can see things from many different angles. The story changes unexpectedly each time you make a new choice. Try to enjoy the content put together by the great authors.

Chapters: Interactive Stories (MOD, Diamonds/Tickets)

Beautiful visuals designed to attract gamers

When participating in this game, players will be instantly drawn to the day. You have to look at the cover of the story and you can immediately decide what you are about to enjoy. Maybe it was a picture of a princess in a fluctuating white dress and shiny crown. Or maybe a muscular 6-something guy on the cover shows his whole hard body on a sunny beach. These images have been designed and perfected, always satisfying Chapters: Interactive Stories players.

Chapters: Interactive Stories (MOD, Diamonds/Tickets)

The way the game interacts with the player also makes them feel satisfied. You need to access the game and everything will happen automatically. Sometimes the story is shown in 3D graphics, sometimes it is expressed in 2D. When you encounter a problem that needs to be solved, a question pops up on the screen. Below you will have three options to choose from and the story will continue. You have to use one finger to tap the screen continuously throughout the story, no need to put too much effort. Mainly, you should use reading comprehension to absorb the situation and give the best solution to the situation.

Chapters: Interactive Stories (MOD, Diamonds/Tickets)

Chapters: Interactive Stories highlights innovative and innovative ways of solving stories. Therefore, the choices will make you wonder for a long time. It will take you to an unexpected future. In fact, if you are a literature lover, you can also consider these stories as exciting novels. There are many types to choose from.

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