Call of Duty: Warzone Season 3 Bunker Locations

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 3 Bunker Locations ; Call of Duty: War zone The 1984 Verdansk map is full of bunkers that have remained locked since the map was officially bombed.

Call of Duty: War zoneFor a long time, bunkers were scattered across the map after being discovered before Season 5. The bunkers were filled with loot, but after the nuclear bomb fell, the heavily fortified buildings were closed and locked. Nevertheless, Call of Duty: War zone, 1984Verdansk It still has many of these bunkers that can be visited scattered across its map.

bunkers ve Call of Duty: War zone community has a strange relationship. After initially only unlocking with complex codes or key cards, the developers eventually unlocked every bunker on the map. Players flooded to loot and collect, and some even found Easter Eggs hidden among the many small details inside.

The map features multiple bunker locations, and Activision has provided a graph showing each bunker. While the numbers only show the general position of each, Call of Duty: Warzone bunkersIt's easy to spot thanks to the iconic metal doors. Unknown secrets are hidden in the bunkers, but fans still enjoy visiting the areas in hopes of finding a way inside the secret vault.

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 3 Bunker Locations
Call of Duty: Warzone Season 3 Bunker Locations

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 3 Bunker

  • Shelter 0 – Look south of Promenade West at the end of the border line. This bunker is easily visible from the road.
  • Shelter 1 – There is another bunker gate on the west side of the map and directly southwest of the Boneyard. This shelter can be found on the slope of the mountain.
  • Shelter 2 – This bunker is easily visible to the southwest of the Storage Town.
  • Shelter 3 – It is a large metal door located in a large building slightly north of Sanctuary 2. Enter the building, turn right and descend the nearby staircase. This will allow players to access the third bunker door.
  • Shelter 4 – Head southeast of the Peak near an area with small trailers. This shelter is located in a nearby cliff.
  • Shelter 5 – Players south of the Military Base can display this bunker prominently on a slope.
  • Shelter 6 – This shelter is located southeast of the Salt Mine. Head towards the train tunnel and players will find the bunker directly above it.
  • Shelter 7 – This shelter is located in a small building near the sports arena, northeast of Verdansk Stadium.
  • Shelter 8 – Surprisingly close to Shelter 7, this shelter is located under a staircase near the small building.
  • Shelter 9 – Go to Call of Duty: Warzone Prison and look northeast; this shelter is placed on the edge of a cliff.
  • Shelter 10 – Go south of the Park near the edge of the map; this bunker is right on the line and almost out of bounds.
  • Shelter 11 – Northwest of the Military Base, this bunker is located on the edge of a nearby cliff.
  • Shelter 12 – Although not officially labeled as “Shelter 12,” this bunker can be found under the Factory. Go to the tunnels located under the building and follow it to this bunker.
  • Shelter 13 – Similar to Shelter 12, this sanctuary is not officially labeled. Head towards the fire station near the summit and follow the southwest road. After going through the two tunnels, players can find a blue colored door. This gate reads “B0” and is assumed by the gaming community to be “Shelter 0”.

There is currently no way to open these bunker locations. Players Call of Duty: Warzone Season 3 As we continue to investigate the changes made during the game, players hope there may be a secret method of doing this in one of the many hidden vaults.