Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – Outbreak Easter Egg Guide

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – Outbreak Easter Egg) Directory ; Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War's first Outbreak Mission has arrived and players will have to complete some special missions to complete it.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War fans have been patiently waiting to see what Outbreak's main quest brings to the table, and now they finally know the answer. Fortunately, Outbreak main taskgives very accurate results with some interesting story setups, fun objectives and a challenging boss fight. Treyarch, It adds some expanding objectives to complete in various regions, taking full advantage of the map's open world environment. A new area also opens up, making the mission even more memorable.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War fans should have a ranged weapon in their gear before taking on the mission – the M16 is a popular choice. This will greatly help the final boss as the fighting will take place mostly at range. As such, weapons like the Hauer are not as powerful as they normally are, and the shotgun lacks the range needed to injure the boss. Area upgrades like the Ring of Fire deal damage, while the Aether Shroud provides an escape, while the Frenzied Guard's slow ability and armor fills make it best suited for the final fight. With a ranged weapon and the Frenzied Guard equipped, Zombies fans should be ready to jump into Plague.

Starting Outbreak Main Quest

Outbreak players before starting the main quest, to the third World Level they need to progress. Although they use the World Level up cheat to get to this level quickly, it's best to loot areas normally to make weapons stronger and armor upgraded. Players must also take this time to reap their advantage. Once they reach World Tier 3, players will want to watch a radio in their current region.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War - Outbreak Easter Egg Guide
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – Outbreak Easter Egg Guide

As the process sees players activate three amplifiers to match the main radio Outbreak similar to the radio side quest. Players, Samantha MaxisIf they hear . Subtitles will help to monitor the radio as they give a clue when the radio is nearby. They also provide players with clear information on what frequency they should hit. When all frequencies match, players can return to the original radio to receive the first cue piece. The radios can be found in the following locations:

Sanatorium: The radio is located next to the statue at the bottom of the Sanatorium. Amplifiers are located on one of the stairs, on the podium at the bottom of the Sanatorium, and on a stone ledge near the Sanatorium barricade.

Alpine: The radio itself is located in Steep Grove next to some oil tanks. For context, it's to the right of the cabins on the slope and close to the Wunderfizz machine. Amplifiers are nearby, one in a shed next to some instruments, another on a cliff next to the ski slopes, and a third on another cliff by Upper Run 3.

Golova: The radio is on some pallets near an outhouse on the Lower Farm. Close to the bridge of the map. One of the amplifiers is outside a nearby shed, the other is inside a shed, and the third is with a concrete barrier shaped like a right angle.

Ruka: Pack-A-Punch Ruka's radio is easy to find, as it is in the tent closest to the Old Farm location where his machine is located. The first amplifier is in the little house outside the Old Farm, the second is Pack-A-Punchrests on a bit of straw in a hut outside of. The last amplifier is on the top floor of Old Farm's main house.

Douga: Some barrels at Duga's SAM site location have the last radio dot. The SAM Field's sniper turret houses the first amplifier, while the second rests on concrete barriers next to one of the large hangers. A green bar at the output of the SAM area houses the final amplifier point.

Once this step is completed and Beacon After the piece is collected, players must complete the area's objective and will normally be sent outside. to the beacon they must go.

Finding Monkey Bomb Statues

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War - Outbreak Easter Egg Guide
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – Outbreak Easter Egg Guide

to the beacon upon arrival, the players Samantha MaxisThey will need to select the option to call . Once the dialogue is over, they can teleport to the next area. Now 4th world level players, Sam'of FirebaseZ ally on the map Ravenov They will want to find one of the four stone monkey bomb statues left by him. Specifically, they want to find the monkey with a white M next to it, because a projector reel will fall off after being hit. Each map has its own monkey points and they are as follows.

Alpine: Near the edge of the map next to the First Aid Station, players will find the first monkey leaning against a generator standing next to a metal fence. The second monkey is on the second floor of the building sitting next to the Bath. The third monkey is on the second floor balcony of a Base Suite house. The houses are in the second house when viewed from the jump pad. Last monkey point right Hillside It's in his cabin and players should see it in a locker as soon as they walk through the front door.

Ruka: Just outside the Missile Silos area, players can find the first monkey in a brick building with a large metal door. In the Gorge area, where players go to the Outbreak's Defend goal, players can find a monkey against a crashed car. The third monkey is just below the huge Train Stand bridge and players can find it at the far end of the map. At the center of the Cargo Platform, players can find the last monkey behind some wooden pallets.

Sanatorium: The first monkey is resting under the sanatorium bridge and right next to the water. The second is located in the Bathhouse beams, and the third is located in the main office of the Administration building. The room on the right has wooden walls and has a monkey on its shelf. A cottage in Carved Hills houses the final point and for those looking at the map, it's near the two-lined vacant lot. A jumping pad is located south of the hut.

Golova: The first monkey can be found at the top of the church and players must see it as soon as they climb the ladder. The second monkey is on the left side of the map and can be found in the large Train Loading shed. There's also a third monkey at Golova's Industrial Park location, which is home to a jumping pad and Fury Crystal spot. In the building with a jump pad on the roof. Finally, the large House Ranch right next to the bridge hides the last monkey in its rafters.

Douga: At Duga's main entrance, marked by a large overpass and roundabout road, the first monkey is seen on the roof of a small building. The next monkey is found in Duga's fourth shelter. The third monkey is leaning against the low brick wall surrounding the Bus Depot, while the last monkey is in Hilly Clearing to the right of Duga's oil tanks. At the top of the small building with the Russian propaganda at the back end.

Projector Spots and Point of No Return

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – Outbreak Easter Egg Guide

Once players find the correct monkey and take the reel, they will need to find a projector. Players can find a projector spot in each Outbreak zone except Ruka, as this map serves as the final area for the easter egg quest. Therefore, if players are in Ruka, they must progress to the next World Level before this step can be completed. The projector locations are as follows.

Alpine: To the upper right of the huge Lodge that houses the Pack-a-Punch, this projector stands next to a bed.
Sanatorium: In the Administration building where players find one of the monkey bomb statues. It is in a meeting room with a long wooden table.

Douga: On the top floor of the Executive Offices, players can find a projector spot in one of the side rooms. The room on the right has two doors for access and a staircase outside of it.

Golova: They will find the projector in the outpost where players can buy armor. If players look at the armor stand and turn back, it will be on their top left.

After playing the slides on the projector Samantha Maxiswill talk to the player. They will need to activate the projector after each dialog ends, giving players to Ruka He will say they have to go. From there, to Ruka They can get to the lighthouse to teleport and enter the point of no return.

Finding Ravenov and the Three Keys

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War - Outbreak Easter Egg Guide
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – Outbreak Easter Egg Guide

to Ruka After entering, the target marker will take players directly to their destination, which is the bunker inside the Missile Silos. All players will go underground after entering the elevator. The objective is what players can do by closing the lock row in the bunker. Ravenov will find. To do this, they will want to explore until they find an area with a large green map and several terminals. From here, Call of Duty Zombies fans can press a button on one of the terminals to disable the lock. A cutscene will then play and the players will be told to find three keys. A few Mimics will also appear, giving players a tough challenge.

  • Key #1 – The Red Mimic: The first key will be found in the body of a bodyguard based on a blue door. Once caught though, the red Mimic mini-boss will attack players even though they have the same attacks. The main difference is the empowered health bar, meaning the Brain Rot ammo type can help. Players can loot the real key after they die.
  • Key #2 – The Monkey Trap Players will then have to navigate to the area labeled A, which is a difficult task due to the shuffling of the map. When found, they can find a circular corridor that leads to a version of Firebase Z's Essence Trap with a banana attached. Once caught, players will need to find a spectral monkey, this is best done by listening to their voices. It will be inside a vent and once found, players will need to throw Essence Trap underneath. Once done, players must back off for the monkey to take the bait. When finished, players can trigger the trap to get the second key.
  • Key #3 – Crystal Collection: Players then want to go to area B by activating a red box standing between the two terminals. Once completed, players must search the fields for purple Aetherium Crystals. Smashing them should drop smaller pieces that can be collected, and players will need to collect 20 of them. Inventory is shared, making the process easier. Once collected and deposited, a player can take the full box to area D. When they get here, they want to find a huge Dark Ether Jellyfish. They can then descend down a nearby grassy staircase to approach, and from there they must use the box's special ability. Once done, they will swim inside the jellyfish to get the third key.

With all the keys received, players will need to activate three machines. They are white with eye scanner-like devices. Once the first is hit, players will have a 45-second time to reach the second and third. The order is randomly determined, but A to D to B is what works best. When all three are hit, a countdown will begin and players will have to go to the main center and go upstairs. When they open the door, the final boss fight will begin, so the strongest Zombies It would be wise to have weapons.

The Boss Fight

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – Outbreak Easter Egg Guide

Outbreak The final boss fight of the main mission will allow players to Legion a gigantic to Tempest It is a real struggle because he sees you fighting against it. To defeat the boss, players will need to break their armor. However, doing so requires a lot of damage and enemies will spawn to distract players. Therefore, weapons such as the Ray Gun and monkey bombs should help, as players have both to the Legion They also need to focus on the undead.

After his armor is finally broken, he will enter a stunned state and three balls will appear above his head. Players focus fire on one of these balls, breaking it of the Legion It can take away a third of your health. From there, they can repeat this two more times to defeat this boss. This is a tough fight and will probably be tried many times, as players have a time limit.

Legion when he finally dies, players have a piece of their fallen foe Zombies They can get the intelligence. Since a full replay is required to acquire this intel, players should make sure to get it as soon as the boss dies. After Legion was defeated, the players finished the easter egg and watched the final cutscene.