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In this writing Buzz Brawl Stars Features New Character 2021 we will examineBrawl Stars Buzz joined the game. ;”Buzz, lifeguard at Velocirapids. He constantly scans for people in trouble where he can throw the torpedo buoy, but his shots are quite enthusiastic.”

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Brawl Stars Buzz

Brawl Stars Buzz
Brawl Stars Buzz

buzz, A Chromatic Character that can be unlocked as a Brawl Pass reward at Level 7 in Season 30: Jurassic Splash or obtained from boxes after reaching Level 7 in the Season 30 Brawl Pass. Has medium-high health, high damage output,

Super : He has great mobility and fast movement speed with his Super. feature, Buzz's If there is an enemy nearby, Buzz's Allows it to automatically charge your Super. Attacks with whistling at close range. For his Super, he launches a torpedo buoy that attaches itself to walls or enemies it hits, attracting Buzz to them, stunning nearby enemies.

Accessory:Spare Float , He instantly and fully charges his Super, but the next Super he uses will not stun enemies.

Star Power: First Star Power, Powerful Torpedo , Increases the minimum stun duration of his Super. Second Star Powerü, Sharp EyesIncreases the radius of the attribute by 33%

Brawl Stars Buzz Features

Personal characteristics : This character accuses Super of staying close to opposing enemies.

Buzz's All applicable enemies within his 6 tiles charge his Super by 6,67% per second, or roughly over 15 seconds. Charges his Super faster if there is more than one enemy in the radius. If there are hidden enemies (eg invisible enemies, enemies hiding in the bushes), it will still charge.

Attack: Buzz Hands  ;

Buzz takes five quick slaps in a bow.
Buzz attacks with 5 piercing punches on his whistle. Like Bo, he swings his fists from left to right. This attack has a slow drain speed lasting 0,9 seconds.

Super: Torpedo Shot

Buzz takes five quick slaps in a bow.
Buzz attacks with 5 piercing punches on his whistle. Like Bo, he swings his fists from left to right. This attack has a slow drain speed lasting 0,9 seconds.

Buzz Star Power

Star Power #1: ; Powerful Torpedo

Buzz's Super Stun's minimum duration is increased by 0,5 seconds.
The minimum stun duration of his Super is increased to 0,5 second instead of the usual 1 seconds. This Star Power does not affect the maximum stun duration of the Reserve Float Device or Super.

Star Power #1: Sharp Eyes ;

Buzz's Supercharge area increased by 33%.
Buzz's Attribute radius has been increased by 33%, increasing him from 6 tiles to 8 tiles.

Buzz accessory

Accessory #1 : ; Spare Float

The Super instantly recharges the meter, but the next Torpedo Launch will not stun enemies.
Buzz will fully charge his Super when he activates this accessory, but his next Super will not stun enemies. Buzz cannot use this accessory if his Super is already charged, and if defeated before using his Super, Buzz will respawn without being a full Super. A glowing accessory symbol above Buzz's head indicates the use of this accessory, as well as a glowing Super joystick. This accessory's cooldown starts after using its Super.

Buzz Health Features

Level Health
1 4200
2 4410
3 4620
4 4830
5 5040
6 5250
7 5460
8 5670
9 – 10 5880
If you are wondering about which character and game mode, you can reach the detailed page prepared for him by clicking on it.

Buzz Tips

  • To hit all 5 shots, Buzz must either move clockwise around the enemy or attack at very close range. Second, although easier to do, Darryl, Spike ve Bull It's riskier because some Brawlers, including melee, excel at very close range.
  • Since Buzz's attack is at close range, only engage an enemy without a Super if he's truly able to strike. If there are no enemies nearby to passively charge your Super, use obstacles to get close to them.
  • If an enemy is fleeing and Buzz's out of range, he can use his Superpower to quickly capture and stun the enemy, and Buzz's It can give them a chance to finish.
  • buzz, is immune to damage when going to a fighting foe, so BuIt's risky to grapple with someone when zz's health is low.
    Buzz's Since his Super is stunned in a short radius around him when he's finished going where his buoy lands, it's hard to hit Buzz's Super so it's worth grappling with an obstacle next to an enemy to stun them instead of drowning the enemy himself. a moving target
  • Buzz's Spare Float AccessoryIt is effective for emergencies such as escaping without Supercharge yet. It can also be used offensively, using it as a second Super to catch enemies faster, or as a Super at the start of a match.
  • Her feature is her Super with an enemy within radius. 15 saniye recharges inside. If you are at the beginning of a match and the enemy Spare Float AccessoryChoking with your 's may not be enough to secure a defeat, you can just play passively around obstacles and wait for your Super to recharge.
  • Since the feature still charges his Super on unseen enemies, he can use it as a scout for bush areas or maps like Snake Prairie, Sharp Eyes Star Powerexpands his Super, making him even better at spying on enemies. – charge radius allows him to better explore bush camps or invisible enemies. Not ideal as a scout brawler instead of much better observant Brawlers like Bo or Tara.
  • If you're facing aggressive enemies and your Trait doesn't require extra Supercharge range, to increase the melee stun duration and knock them down. Powerful Torpedo It might be worth using Star Power.
  • buzz, When in a group, he can stun the entire enemy team and defeat them all with his rampage attack. His slow drain speed makes him particularly vulnerable after his second attack, but another Super allows him to take them out.

If you are wondering about which character and game mode, you can reach the detailed page prepared for him by clicking on it.


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