Broad Warfare: Napoleon Arrangement Video games v6.6.6 (Mod Apk)

Your Excellency, Commander! Welcome to the 18th century, the Napoleonic Age. Broad Warfare: European Conqueror v6.6.6 (Mod Apk ) – Napoleon Bonaparte

Wide War: European War is the latest massive strategy video games and fast-paced tactical warfare video games where turbulent times sooner or later live, from the Gargantuan French Revolution to the Fight of Waterloo. Known generals of every nation, especially Napoleon, Duke of Wellington, Nelson, Blucher, Kutuzov and different navy geniuses, will realize that you dominate the whole field.

Your troops are assembled, now starting your video games! Consume your save data and battle technique to build an exit to this chaotic Europe!
An unusual detail is coming!

Hexagon strategy video games within Napoleon's know-how to battle Napoleon, Nelson, Frederick II and Kutuzov in Europe.
Weak French Guards, Prussian Heavy Artillery, British Dragon, Polish Lancers, Highland Infantry, Breastplate Cavalry, dozens of troops traditionally known as wise. Each troop has its own characteristics, take them to your regiment and assemble a conqueror troop.

Free Hex Editing Video games:
– Resource production, city building, troop coaching, strategy is up to you.
– Recruit generals who are fond of disorganized command and perhaps continue to watch over the results of the war.
– Reveal the troops, they will accompany your conqueror profession. Please level up.
– More than 50 stages in which you can perhaps well outline the cleverly known historical battles of the different sessions.
– Dozens of different palms, cavalry, artillery and infantry.
– Completely different seasons and climate adjustments in these exclusive navy video games.
– Dazzling graphics and stunning sound results
– European civilization
- FREE to Play

Extra Edit Gameplay:
– Queer morale system, units with low morale cannot take the battle.
– Engineer system, maybe at any time you can also set up battle fortifications on the battlefield.
– Mutual restraint and formation coordination of cavalry infantry and artillery.

Broad Warfare: European Warfare is a base-based hex war strategy video game that essentially reproduces the civilization of Napoleonic long wars and lets you compete with these European historical conquerors!
You Get Historical History!
Massive historical civilization events fight in wars of the 19th century with huge armies fighting across a wide variety of terrains.
In most battles, victory will go to the commander most prepared to combine most of the combined palm advantages of infantry, cavalry, and artillery into proper realization.

By no means forget to try unusual tactics!
On the tip, unpredictability might perhaps be a very cleverly appropriate tactic.

Write in the tip dedicated to each commander:
-We can continue to change the level wars, please the affected person
be -hope to hear more solutions to help us put the game together better

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The Great War: Conqueror of Europe
The Great War: Conqueror of Europe
The Great War: Conqueror of Europe
The Great War: Conqueror of Europe
The Great War: Conqueror of Europe
The Great War: Conqueror of Europe


Unlimited Cash
Unlimited Medals

Installation Steps:
1. Get dangle of Playstore version
2. Install the Mod APK


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