Brawl Stars Common Characters 2021

Brawl Stars Common (Trophy Road) Characters 2021

In this article, one of the 7 Brawl Stars character classes, Brawl Stars Common (Trophy Path) Characters we will talk about.

Brawl Stars Character Types

There are 7 types of Brawl Stars characters and they are as follows:

These characters listed above show the order of power in the game played. These Common characters currently contain 11 characters.

Common Characters Brawl Stars 2021
Common Characters Brawl Stars 2021

Brawl Stars Common Characters and Traits

Brawl Stars common characters are as follows, you can reach the detail page about the character by clicking on the links.

  • Colt :He is one of the strongest sniper characters in the game.3920 soulful Coltis one of the most popular characters in the game. Colt shoots accurately with his dual pistols. He has a fairly low amount of health. He has a high damage output.
  • Shelly : 5040 Shelly is one of the most popular characters in the game. ShellyShoots with his Shotgun. He has medium health and damage.
  • Jessie : 4480 Jessie's Shockgun fires energy orbs that bounce between enemies.Has medium health and damage.
  • Nita : 5600 soulful Nita Strikes enemies with a fierce shock wave. Super summons a huge bear to fight alongside him. He has medium health and medium range attacks with shockwaves that can hit multiple enemies.
  • Bull : 6860 soulful Bull Bull has a high amount of health and excels in short range combat.
  • Brock : 3640 With health, Brock fires a long-range, explosive rocket at enemies. Has low health, but fires rockets that explode from long range, dealing high damage in a short radius. Super launches a hail of rockets over a wide area.
  • Dynamics : 3920 Dynamike, who has health, has low health but high damage output. He attacks by throwing sticks of dynamite.When he uses his Super, he throws a large bomb that deals very high damage and knocks back enemies.
  • Bo : 5040 soulful Bofires three explosive arrows at their target. Her super ability places three hidden explosive mines on the ground. She has high health, moderately high damage.
  • Tick : 2200 soulful Tick It is a metal ball of barely controlled excitement and energy – explosive energy! Low health. High damage potential.
  • 8-bit : 4800 He stands like an arcade cabinet on 8-Bit timber legs with health. He shoots Laser Beams and his Super increases damage to allies. He has both health and damage output, but has a significantly slower movement speed than other characters.
  • emz : 3600 With health, Emz attacks with bursts of damaging hairspray over time and slows enemies with her Super. She has medium health and medium damage output, but has a very wide and long range.

Brawl Stars Common Character Extraction Tactic

Common characters, like all Brawl Stars characters, are also available for purchase.

If a person wants to improve himself and progress in the game, he should have characters in organic ways.

The way to have characters in organic ways is to collect trophies, diamonds and boxes in the game.

With the prizes, accumulated trophies and diamonds from the boxes, the player can create characters. As the player improves, it becomes easier to collect trophies, diamonds and boxes.