Brawl Stars Super City Attack Best Characters and Tactics

Brawl Stars Super City Attack Best Characters and Tactics ;Can you defeat the Mega-Beast and save the City?Super City Attack In its event, it is a mode played against Mega Monster as a team of 3. Mega Monster tries to destroy the city on the map. 3 players need to kill the Mega Monster before the buildings are destroyed.Super City Attack If you want to win in this game mode who are the best characters ve tactics You can read our article to find out what….

Brawl Stars Super City Attack Best Characters and Tactics

Brawl Stars Super City Attack Top Characters

Super City Attack Top Characters

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  • Colt ve Rich: Unlike Colt, Rico's Super doesn't destroy buildings and works well with some of the map's limited nature. Second Star Power Mechanical Escapeallows the monster to continue inflicting damage on the boss without the risk of being suddenly knocked down by one of its claws. Rico's Multiple Balls  accessory It does decent burst damage indoors, but becomes less effective as more and more buildings are destroyed. However, Colt's First Star PowerSpring Boots Used throughout the match and deals more damage than Rico. Both of these players have fast recharge rates for their Supers, even after considering the specs players have in this mod. His supers can double their damage output, and dropping all fireloads is almost half the other.
  • High: max, Star Power Nonstop Fire He can take a few shots with it and also inflict a decent amount of damage. The Super Super allows himself and allied players to evade the beast's nimble attacks, but his short duration makes him more useful as a bait rather than a defense mechanism.
  • Pam: Pam is a high player who can deal sustained damage. First Star Power Mum Lagı can continue to heal allied players with low health. This is useful in the beast's rage phase, where surviving and continuing to damage the Boss is more important than dodging.
  • 8-BIT: 8-BIT, Boss WarIt has very few weaknesses in this mode, as it does not target rockets or other enemies. The monster has no 8-BIT counter attacks besides its basic rage stages, making 8-BIT's damage booster a viable option for maintaining allies' damage output. His overall volume and long-range support make him great in almost any team composition. He can also use the teleport accessory to escape the monster. of 8-BIT First Star Power Augmented Enhancer, makes 8-BIT's allies collect less while taking advantage of the extra damage, which will be useful if the monster deals splash damage. On the other hand, its low speed means that the monster may not be able to easily dodge melee attacks. This is a teammate Max  can be completed with
  • Galeaccessory Trampoline With his and Super he can escape and distance himself between buildings with Gale Boss.Super City Attack, Gale's Second Star Power Freezing Ice It's one of those cases where it's more beneficial. Also, thanks to the monster's large hitbox, it can hit all 6 of its bullets. With this, Gale can deal a maximum of 2352 damage and provide a steady stream of damage. However, the monster's massive size renders Gale's Super ineffective at moving them more than a few stones.
  • Mr. P: Mr.P is average at best, but Super and Second Star Power Revolving Door a combination makes it a force to be reckoned with for robo-carriers. A maxed out guard can withstand three blasts from the monster on lower difficulties, giving time for you and your teammates to escape. Even throwing the base directly at the monster guarantees a few extra seconds during its raging phase. Homebase can be a secondary option if your teammates are unable to bait the monster in its furious phase.
  • Nita: Nita is undamaged, but the combination of Super and Bear with Me Star Power can greatly stall the boss and is very useful for getting rid of the monster's raging fury. Nita and her bear should take turns tanking, one tanking first, the other stepping in when it weakens. He should try to conserve his ammo when attacked by the beast and use it while the bear is tanking. bear is too weak or has a full bar of ammo. While Nita recovers, her bear will survive much longer this way. Additionally, Nita, to further increase the Bear's lifespan Faux Fur your accessory can activate. If done right, this method can stall the beast for a very long time and Nita could possibly use her superpower. It's important to be aware of the monster's splash damage, because if the monster is too close to each other, it can hit both Nita and her bear at the same time.

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Brawl Stars Super City Attack tactics

  • The respawn time is 5 seconds instead of the usual 20 so staying alive is important. The monster will become harder to defeat as time progresses, making it essential to avoid crashing and dealing damage as quickly as possible.
  • Never use Supers to knock down walls, as this will help the monster destroy the city, giving you less time to defeat the monster.
  • When the monster is angry, move the monster away from the buildings so you and your teammates have more time to defeat the monster.
  • Always try to heal, as almost all players can escape during the monster angry phase. Even the death of a teammate at this stage means big results.
  • While not required, it is recommended to use players who can attack at medium and long ranges to maintain distance from the Mega Beast.
  • Choose Warriors with good reload and drain speed. This will make it easier to take down faster before angering the monster further or destroying the city.

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