When Will Brawl Stars Squeak Coming?

When Will Brawl Stars Squeak Coming? ; Everyone is eagerly waiting When Will Brawl Stars Squeak Coming? You will find the answer to this question in this article.

Brawl Starscontinues to become a very popular game with each passing day. Aiming for players to spend time without getting bored, game developers continue to add new characters to the game. newly added Beautiful ve squeak introduced to game lovers, but Squeak character was not included in the game.

Brawl Starsis a game where people from all walks of life in the world can have a good time with its competitive game mode. With the new updates, the excitement of playing games increases one more time. Well, the character with these super features to be added to the game When is the squeak coming??

Brawl Stars Squeak
When Will Brawl Stars Squeak Coming?

When Will Squeak Come??

With the last statement Brawl Stars Squeak with the update 19 May will be added to the game. What are the features of this character that will be added to the game? Brawl Stars Squeak özellikleri; With his special attack ability, throwing sticky bombs, he can destroy opponents and their hiding walls. Its super feature is that it throws 6 large sticky spheres at once. Brawl Stars fans are eagerly waiting for this super character, which will be very enjoyable to play.

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Squeak Brawl Stars Features – New Character 2021

squeak, Similar to Bo's mines, which shoots a ball of goo that sticks and explodes similarly to walls and enemies Mystical Character. He has medium health and damage.

Super: Blarge Mass ;  Launches a giant blob that transforms into six main attacks.

accessory :Stressincreases its range by 100%.

First Star Power one Chain reaction , increasing its damage by 10% to each enemy hit by one of its attacks,

Second Star Power: Super Sticky ; Massive explosion slows enemies.

Brawl Stars Squeak Features

Main Attack: Sticky charge ;

This attack takes 0,35 seconds to complete. Squeak attacks by throwing a sticky ball that sticks to walls and enemies and explodes, dealing damage to anyone within a 5 square radius after a delay. The explosion caused by the attack can damage enemies behind walls, and when it hits an enemy, the sticky ball sticks to them, meaning wherever the target goes before it explodes.

Super: Great Mass ; 

Squeak, Squeak's Sticky charge Launches a giant sticky ball that explodes, sending 6 small orbs in a fixed pattern that cling, explode, and deal damage like his attack.

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