Brawl Stars Battle Winning Tactics

Brawl Stars Battle Winning Tactics ;It is very important to act as a group in the game, you can find tips like this in our article…

Some players play separately from the team in this game, unfortunately without paying attention to this. This directly loses the game. First of all, we need to know that this is a team game. We can say that the word "Strength comes from unity" becomes concrete in this game.

Let's move on to the tactics you can use during a match. Our goal in this game should not be to kill many enemies. It should be to act in accordance with the game modes you play. For example, you know the diamond mod. Diamonds appear in the middle of the map. Whoever collects the most of them wins the game. In this game mode, it is very important that you stand in the middle of the map. If you control the diamond well, you will get the most gold. Try to play by staying near the well all the time. Do not chase after your opponents and go to their spawn place. Otherwise, you may lose the diamonds.

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Brawl Stars Battle Winning Tactics

The distribution of tasks

It will be great if the team has a damage-dealing character, a tank character, and a support character. The tank character will act as a kind of shield. The support character will constantly revive the tank character. The character that does damage will keep the enemies busy and keep them busy. That way, you get a good fit. Especially this team shape works well in the diamond grab mode. You can also make a distribution according to other game modes. Since we started with the diamond snatch mode, let's continue.

For example, keep the tank character near the diamond well. Let the deck character constantly give life to the end. The damage-dealing character, on the other hand, is constantly on the move and distracts the enemies. Here's a good tactic. Of course, in the meantime, it would be better if the character who did damage did not carry diamonds. Because he could lose those diamonds at any moment. So it would be better for the tank character to carry the diamond.

taking cover

In most maps in the game, there are a lot of things you can take cover. There are walls, boxes, plants and so on. Use them often. Keep yourself safe by taking cover. Enemies can see you if you're behind a wall, but cannot shoot damage. You can become invisible and sneak up on trees or plants. You can also use such trenches to distract enemies. Let him chase you and keep him circling around the wall or stone.

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get moving

Don't stay fixed in the game, then don't play. Always be mobile within the map. If you don't want to go far, move within a small distance from where you are. In this way, you will be a difficult target by your competitors. No matter what character or class you're playing with. This situation never changes. Move a lot. You'll get used to it after a while anyway.

Know the Characters

Another tactic in the game will be to know the characters in the opponents. For example, some have area damage. They throw fire here and there and burn a certain area. If you know such competitors, you know how to behave. Always follow the opponents and try to predict when they will shoot at you. In this way, you will run away immediately and not take damage. Especially stay away from fires. These will quickly consume you.

We have come to the end of Brawl Stars battle tactics. I hope it has been a nice little guide for you. You can ask what you want to ask by commenting. See you.

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