Brawl Stars Bounty Hunt Best Characters

Brawl Stars Bounty Hunt Top Characters ;Brawl Stars has lots of mods and an equally large list of characters to choose from, so right now Bounty Hunt Let's see who is the best Brawlers for An aggressive mode where your goal is to knock down as many as possible and collect Stars in the process. When you are killed by someone else, all the Stars you have collected up to that point are deducted from your character and transferred to the enemy team, the player who defeated you gains more Stars for doing so.

Brawl Stars Bounty Hunt Best Characters

The available maps in certain mode can greatly affect the performance of Brawlers, so while the Brawlers we will list here are the most dominant in this mode overall, some maps can turn them off completely and others are preferable. vote. A perfect example are maps where lots of bushes are tucked together, allowing characters like Bull to shine the most, which otherwise wouldn't be the case.

With all that said, let's take a look at the most eligible Warriors of the Bounty Hunt.

If you are wondering about which character's features, you can reach the detailed page prepared for him by clicking on the character name...

1. Piper

Brawl Stars Bounty Hunt Best Characters


Bounty Hunt mode is all about killing your enemies fast while being as safe as possible to protect your Stars. Who wouldn't be best for this other than Piper, our blonde lady with a sniper umbrella. He can shoot anyone from afar with a maximum of 2-3 shots. In case someone approaches, the Super is his escape vehicle and opens a loophole to live another day. These grenades can also cause some surprise kills, so don't be afraid to use the Super aggressively.

Piper has always been a staple for the particular mod and remains one of the strongest and most solid picks for Bounty Hunt to date.

2. Bo

Brawl Stars Bounty Hunt Best Characters

Bo, another marksman, can easily accumulate Stars by easily dropping them from his spread arrows or formidable mines. Like Piper, Bo is all about keeping her distance and taking down enemies with ease. His kit completely rounds out this playstyle, and a particular Star Power (Circular Eagle) is a great tool to use on maps with lots of bush. Another safe choice is a character that always has a very high win rate in this mode.

3. Penny

Brawl Stars Bounty Hunt Best Characters

While Penny isn't a powerhouse like the aforementioned, she's the mainstay of her super team, providing excellent support to the team. Just keep attacking the enemies until they attack, then find a nice place for our little ball friend and place it there. Then continue to support your team with long shots as your cannon rains down hell on the enemy team. A preferred choice for players who join with a pre-scheduled team but can also cheat for solo matchmaking.

4. Mr. P


An odd choice, but Mr.P is surprisingly superior on the Bounty Hunt maps. While his overall setup is nothing to brag about, it's what sends Super, this mysterious penguin guy, to be one of the most prolific Characters for this mod. Set it to a safe spot and let it anger the enemies forever. I can't even count how many times the little bots killed for me while I was fighting elsewhere. A constant obstacle to the enemy, Mr.P has climbed the ladder in Bounty Hunt mode with outstanding win rates. Definitely a fan favorite.

5. Mileage


This last character can be a bit situational depending on the map as we mentioned at the beginning of this article, but overall he does a great job of supporting the team while allowing the others to carry the heavy load. Tara's main attack can be constantly frustrating due to her wide spread that does not allow others to heal themselves, and her ace in the "Gravity" hole can often be the key to a successful victory. If you are someone who likes to sabotage the enemy, Tara is for you.

If you are wondering about which character's features, you can reach the detailed page prepared for him by clicking on the character name...

Other characters that might be useful

Brock / Colt - Piper ve BoBoth are very powerful long-range attackers. Still try to survive
Poco – A great AOE healer, but if you play randomly, you may end up with more than you need in the group, making it a better choice for pre-made teams.
emz – Overall a good attacker and a great helper, depending on the map.
Nani – Perfect for almost any map, but not very beginner-friendly as a character.

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