How to Play Brawl Stars? Basic Tips

How to Play Brawl Stars? Basic Tips Here is a list of the most important and essential tips you will need to start playing the game the right way!

Now, no matter what game you're playing for the first time, things can get pretty confusing. So, you are not alone in this! But don't worry, most of the time everything becomes easy to understand with a simple guide.

How to Play Brawl Stars?

How to play Brawl Stars? Interface tips.

Before we move on to the actual gameplay, here is a guide to the different elements in the game. Also, if you've played Clash of Clans and Clash Royale before, you have an opinion about them too.

In order of decreasing rarity in-game diamonds, star ratings ve coins There are 3 types of items. The stones are green, star tipped, pink, and the coins are ocher. You will find them one after the other in the upper right corner of your home screen. Of these, free diamonds are very rare and are used to get extra benefits like more gold or items from the store. Star points are also used in the store. However, they are mostly used to buy new skins for your fighters. Coins are the most common items. You'll use these to upgrade your Characters – a very important quest we'll talk more about later.

Apart from that, there are trophies you get when you win a match. These are displayed in the upper left corner of the home screen. You will understand the rest as you play.

What are Brawlers? How to deal with them?

In simple terms, Brawlers are your heroes in the game. Each of them has unique abilities and special abilities. The first thing you need to do is figure out what your character is doing and how. You will want to understand your character's strengths and weaknesses as soon as possible. Some characters are high-powered heavy hitters.El Primo, Bull ve Frank 3 examples. Others can be agile but sharp. Up close they are weak but from afar they perform very well. Colt, Barley ve Brock 3 people in this group. Similarly, there are many other types, each unique and entertaining. The more character knowledge you have, the better you will know your enemy's character. So, more fighter experience leads to a better player!

Now, you will unlock new characters as rewards in the game. You can also buy them in the store using the diamonds we mentioned above. Each of these fighters has different levels. The more you use them, the stronger they get. Also, the more trophies you earn, the more characters you get! This is how you progress in a game. So choose the characters you use wisely!

If you are wondering about which character's features, you can reach the detailed page prepared for him by clicking on the character name...

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How to play Brawl Stars? Game guide.

Brawl StarsThe game in can be divided into 3 parts – , Positioning ve To decide.

good and sharp movementis the key to success in the game. From the very beginning, you should practice moving in a zigzag pattern. Beginners often have a habit of running in straight lines. This, makes them easy to predict and target. Instead, it will be more confusing to your enemy as you change direction. So get in the habit of always shooting on the go.

Behind positioning income. You must have noticed that all the maps in the game have walls and bushes. You can hide behind walls and hide in the bushes. Use them to your full advantage. While receiving enemy fire, crash into a bush, change your direction, and exit on the other side. The enemy will lose track and be confused. Use the walls to block the enemy's bullet paths. For example, if you're a weak unit like Barley, hide behind them and drop off your acid bottles. But be careful, your enemies may be thinking along the same lines.

At the End to decidewe came to Decision making is all about knowing when to attack and when to retreat. For this you will want to monitor your health and attack the bars. Always remember to attack only when you have enough health and ammo left. While low on both, retreat behind walls and covers. The key to being a successful player is waiting for your opportunity. Be patient. Capture your enemies at their weakest points!

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