Brawl Stars Knockout Event Top Characters

 Brawl Stars Knockout Top Characters; Brawl Stars Knockout Event ; Although the current season has ended,Brawl Stars brought us a new update that saw the introduction of a new game mode. Brawl Stars Knockout ; If you are wondering what the best characters are, you can find them in our article…


Brawl Stars is a very popular mobile game, a hero action-shooter that supports top-down perspective in the game. As the game is about to enter its new season, Season 6: Gold Arm Gang will reportedly release on April 12. The game was developed by Supercell, which also created other popular games such as Clash Royale, Hay Day, Clash of Clans. etc.

Brawl Starshas many playable characters named Brawlers that you can choose to play. Choosing the right fighter for a game mode can be a deciding point as each character is unique and has special traits that make them useful in different modes.

Similarly, Knockout Event, also supports certain types of fighters who will gain the upper hand on the enemy team.

Brawl Stars Knockout Top Characters

What is the Knockout Event?

New elimination style game mode: Knockout

  • 3vs3 matches without respawns. Defeated Warriors stay out for the remainder of each turn.
  • The team that wins 2 rounds wins the game.
  • The team that eliminates more opponents wins. In the event of a draw, the team that deals the most damage wins.
  • There will be 10 maps in your rotation.
  • It will be throughout Season 6!

Unlike other 3v3 Events, a player does not respawn after being eliminated and their team is forced to play without them for the remainder of the round. When a team is completely eliminated, has fewer players left, or deals less damage than the other team, they lose that match and the next match in line begins. If a team wins two matches, the team automatically wins.

Brawl Stars Knockout Top Characters

Knockout The Event consists of two teams of three players, each with the teams aiming to eliminate players from the opposing teams, and the last team/player standing wins the Event by following the best of 3 match formats. Once eliminated, the player cannot respawn until the start of the next round.

If you are curious about which character, you can reach the detailed page prepared for him by clicking on it.

1. BEA 

Brawl Stars Knockout Top Characters
Brawl Stars Knockout Top Characters

Bea's overloaded shot is very dangerous for the tank as it deals significant damage that can quickly weaken enemies. Bea's Super can be used to deal heavy damage to enemies for herself and her allies, or slow the enemy to defeat them.

However, he needs to be protected with low base health or he will be destroyed or killed by assassins.


Brawl Stars Knockout Top Characters
Brawl Stars Knockout Top Characters

Beautiful 's attacks have a very long range, chaining nearby enemies, and his Signature ability allows allies to permanently mark a target that deals more damage until placed on another target. Her accessory slows down enemies that step on her, allowing allies to detonate the enemy.

Star Power, Positive Feedbackwill give Belle some damage reduction for better survivability. However, he is prone to be killed by assassins.


Brawl Stars Knockout Top Characters
Brawl Stars Knockout Top Characters

Byron's Stacking Chip damage and healing in the knockout makes it a great general support. Byron can heal allies with stacking heals, and his attacks can deal high damage and finish off squishy fighters.

His superpower can be used to counter assassins or massively heal him and his allies, greatly increasing their survivability. Sluggishness can be used to counter other healing teams, and Injection can be used to pierce large numbers of enemies or support your allies as well as inflict damage on your enemies.


Brawl Stars Knockout Top Characters
Brawl Stars Knockout Top Characters

Colette's HP scaling attacks make him deadly to all types of enemies, squishy or not. Colette can finish off any fighter with two basic attacks and a two-hit Super.

Star Power  Heavy Tax it also allows him to nudge his enemies towards their allies who can detonate them or distract them from allies that need to heal. Second Star Power Mass Tax, It can give you a shield of up to 40% for five seconds, greatly increasing your survivability.


Brawl Stars Knockout Top Characters
Brawl Stars Knockout Top Characters

Edgar's Super allows him to jump over enemies for quick kills and I'm flying!The (Let's Fly) Accessory allows him to quickly recharge his Super without having to fight. However, Edgar is prone to being killed by powerful snipers when he doesn't have his Super.

Star Forces, Hard Landing ve punches also works fine in this mode. Hard Landing , adds 1000 extra damage to finish enemies faster and punchescan help him survive longer when fighting an enemy.


Brawl Stars Knockout Top Characters

Piper's initial damage is already pretty high, and his Super provides an easy escape from assassins and heavyweights. Piper's Star Powers and Gadgets increase her damage potential and survivability. Using Ambush Star Power will greatly increase your damage, crippling enemies when hit, and  Ambush Star Power can allow Piper to fire four powerful shots in rapid succession and deal more than 8000 damage to enemies.

Auto Aim accessory Edgar It can be used to evade assassins like Piper and Guided Projectile (The Homemade Recipe) Accessory can be sued to finish off a low-health enemy.

7. STU 

Brawl Stars Knockout Top Characters

Stu's fast bursts and insanely fast Supercharge allow him to be a deadly and hard-to-hit target in Knockout. Her accessory permanently increases her and her allies' speed while the tower is alive, and her Star Powers increase her survivability and damage potential.

Star Power Zero Drag Increases the Super's distance by 71%, making it extremely difficult to attack while running around. Second Star Power Give me gas It will dash around, allowing it to survive while attacking the enemy.


If you are curious about which character, you can reach the detailed page prepared for him by clicking on it.


Brawl Stars Knockout Top Characters

Tick's high damage and area control in the knockout extremely useful, extremely annoying to the enemy and useful for your team. Star Forces and Devices also help.  Well Oiled (Well Oiled) will allow Tick to recover quickly from damage taken, and Automa-Tick Reload will allow him to attack even faster.

His super ability allows him to finish off enemies at low health and is against assassins and heavyweights. Mine Mania can deal even more damage, finish off enemies even faster, and Last Hurray allows it to survive assassins and Tick safely move even without the Super.


Brawl Stars Knockout Top Characters

Gene He can deal quick damage at close range or recharge his Super at long range. Its superpower can give your teammates a huge advantage as it makes it easy to kill fighters and makes them extremely vulnerable.

Blowing Lamp Accessory, Darryl, Edgar, El Primo, etc. It helps him deal with close range threats. Soul Slap Star Power allows him to deal slightly more damage and Magical Mist Star Power helps him keep his teammates alive.

10. BULL

Brawl Stars Knockout Top Characters

Bull, can also defeat low HP enemy fighters with high damage. High health and high health as survival is important in the game Grilled Steak Accessory is useful. He can also use his Super to escape.

If you are curious about which character, you can reach the detailed page prepared for him by clicking on it.

Here Brawl StarsHere is a list of the top 10 characters you can use for the Knockout event in . Be sure to carefully read each fighter's description before selecting them for the event.


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