Brawl Stars Mystical Characters and Features 2021

Brawl Stars Mystic Characters 2021 It is one of the important character types in the game. In this article, we will talk about mysterious characters, one of the 7 Brawl Stars character classes.

Brawl Stars Mystic Characters and Features 2021

There are 7 types of Brawl Stars characters and they are as follows:

These characters listed above show the order of power in the game played. These Mystical characters currently contain 7 characters.

What are Brawl Stars Mystical Characters and Their Traits?

  • Mortis : 3800 Mortis, who has health, dashes forward with every hit he makes with the shovel. As his super attack, he sends out a cloud of bats to damage enemies and heal himself. Mortis has medium health, low damage output, and a slow reload speed, but can move incredibly fast.
  • Mileage : 3400 With health, Tara's triple tarot card attack pierces through enemies. His Super is a black hole that absorbs and causes damage to all nearby enemies. He has medium health and can deal a lot of damage at close range.
  • Gene : 3200 soulful Geneuses his magic lamp to fire a splitting projectile. He is a Mystic character with medium health who uses a magic lamp to perform his attacks. His attack can deal high damage to a single enemy or less damage to multiple enemies.
  • Byron : 2500 health, Byron is a Mystic Character with low damage potential and health, but can provide a large amount of healing benefits to his team. His attack fires a single long-range dart and deals a small amount of damage over time when hitting an enemy, but applies healing over time if it hits an ally.
  • Max : 3200 chaving a moment Max Has medium health and damage output, but very fast movement and reload speed, and huge burst damage potential.
  • Mr. P :3200 Mr.P's health and damage are medium. Attacks with suitcases that bounce and deal additional damage. His super ability establishes a home base that periodically creates robo-carriers to attack enemies.
  • Sprout: 3000 Sprout, who has health, is a Mystical Character who moves forward on the ground and attacks the shroud bouncing off the walls with a seed grenade. If the ball comes into contact with enemies or after a set time, it explodes to deal area damage.(Level 1 Health/10 Health: 3000/4200)

By clicking on the characters, you can get detailed information about the character. You can see their special powers, costumes and pictures.

When Will Brawl Stars New Mystical Character Be Released?

When new characters appear in Brawl Stars, they are first introduced in Brawl Talk broadcasts. These broadcasts talk about the character's traits and show their costumes.

Brawl Stars Mystical Character Extraction Tactic

There is no specific tactic for extracting mysterious (mystical) characters; We recommend that you do not pay attention to such tricks. If you want to have a mysterious character as soon as possible, you can open more boxes by making lots of matches.