Brawl Stars Cup Breaking Tactics

Brawl Stars Cupping Tactics Brawl Stars may seem like a fun game with easy controls at first, but it gets more complicated once you get past this beginner stage.

There are complex mechanics such as aim, movement and tactics. But don't be discouraged. Whether you're a beginner or experienced, we're here to help players like you, here are a lot of tips you can definitely get.

Prepare your notes and see your game, it's time to learn the top 10 tips and tricks in Brawl Stars!

Brawl Stars Cup Breaking Tactics

1. Master Your Character!

Mastering Your Brawlers best brawl stars tips and tricks
Brawl Stars Cup Breaking Tactics

Nothing beats being better at the game than mastering it.

This means that by mastering each battle, your chances of becoming a better player in this game will increase. It's important to know which fighters are good in certain game modes and maps in order to rank up faster. This can only be done with practice.

Knowing the mechanics of each fighter will give you an advantage not only in attack but also in countering. For example, Piper The farther it shoots, the higher the damage.
Here are the advantages of mastering your fighters:

• Know the delay time of each player's stroke so you can time your moves.

• Use the enemy fighter's weakness to your advantage.

eg. Dynamics splash damage like warriors Mortis or a El Primo'Weak against either (close range).

• Knowing exactly the intentions and roles of the characters can endanger your enemies.

eg. Pam is a diamond bearer; therefore it would be wise to kill him as fast as possible.

By clicking on the characters, you can reach the detailed page prepared for him.

2. Predict Enemy Movement!

Brawl Stars Cup Breaking Tactics
Brawl Stars Cup Breaking Tactics

Leon Who else panics when you use the invisibility Super? Well, not if you knew this technique!

In summary, if you haven't done this before, you will awaken your ultra instinct. Do this by aiming ahead of time where you think they're going. It doesn't always have to be 100% accurate.

But once you learn this technique, you'll be surprised how many players have the same patterns in their movements. Take advantage of this.
You can also do this while dodging shots. Try to act strangely. Make light movements, moving suddenly from left to right.

3. Playing With Friends

Brawl Stars Cup Breaking Tactics
Brawl Stars Cup Breaking Tactics

Have you ever wondered how professionals dominate the world rankings? Players all pay to win? What are their secrets?

They all have one thing in common – they play in groups. You rarely see them playing with random people because that's a recipe for disaster!

We know we can't always team up with our trusted friends, so we have no choice but to go with random people. All we can do is join active clubs.
Another tip is when you play with random people, try to add those who play well. That way, you'll always have a list of people you can play with that doesn't choose Primo, who basically splashes out on enemy bases giving the game away.

4. Choose the Right Brawler!

Brawl Stars Cup Breaking Tactics
Brawl Stars Cup Breaking Tactics

Ideally, for 3v3 mods, there should be a diamond bearer, a damage dealer, and a boost. Every character should get one of these roles.

See tip number eight for diamond carriers. Examples of damage dealers Barley, Dynamics, Spike ve primo'Stop. Support fighters are usually the ones that can heal, the tower bearer, and the long-range fighters. Examples of these are Poco, Jessie ve Brock'kind.
To further assist you in choosing the right fighter, To our list of All characters in Brawl Stars look at.

By clicking on the characters, you can reach the detailed page prepared for him.

5. Have Field Awareness!

field awareness brawl stars tips

Another thing that is such an important tip that most people forget is to have space awareness.

What this essentially means is knowing what's going on around you. Being aware of the enemy's position and situation is what defines the game.
It's easy to get caught up in your own little showdown with another enemy and leave your teammates to die by collecting diamonds.

Follow this tip by always looking at your teammates and enemy locations, and always checking the gem count. For other game modes, it's important to know which fighters are still alive and to have an action plan based on that.

6. Aim Your Shots!

Aiming your shots brawl stars tips

It should be common sense by now that automatic targeting is for beginners only. Relying on auto-aim is like being blind, you're not shooting at anything. No one can be blamed because when enemy brawlers are close, sometimes we panic and wait for auto-aim for the best.

However, manual aiming should be done as much as possible, especially in long-range fights. This does not mean that automatic targeting is completely useless. In fact, when you're close to enemy brawlers, use auto-aim.

7. Try Hiding For Ambush!

Hiding for an ambush best brawl stars tips

Try to make use of bushes and walls as much as possible. You don't always have to attack blindly. Sometimes it is much better to hide and ambush enemy brawlers.

However, this strategy is not always intended to be used. To grab gems, your team must control the center, so hiding all the time won't do that. But in other game modes and maps, when used effectively, your enemies will never know what's coming for them!

8. Team Diamond Bearer!

gem carrier best brawl stars tips

Pam, Poco, Penny ve Mortis Fighters like this are great diamond bearers. diamond carriers, Diamond Catchare also the ones who will collect the diamonds so that other players can attack and defend as they wish.

It is a rookie mistake to allow anyone to collect gems, especially in high-level games. It is also risky for a fighter to carry all the jewels, because he can be killed and it's game over. But this is the role of diamond carriers. They need to control the crystal mine and collect the jewels.

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9. Distribute Resources Equally!

Spreading resources equally best brawl stars tips

In connection with the previous tip, It would be wise to upgrade your players equally.

Power levels determine the attack damage and health of fighters, so leveling all of your fighters equally is a good investment.

Why is this so important? Isn't it better to level up my favorite fighter first to rank up faster in Brawl Stars? The answer is yes and no.

Yes, you have to level up your favorite fighters to get more trophies. And no, because if you let your favorite fighters gain too much power against the others, it will be difficult later on.
Be smart and evenly distribute as much of your coins as possible. Think of your warriors as investments of the future. You don't want your other brawlers to be weak, do you?

10. Accumulate Resources Wisely!

Saving resources wisely brawl stars tips

By now we know this is probably bullshit, but we say it anyway: keep your coins and gems. We're giving this as a hint because it's pretty amazing how many players buy fight boxes without thinking.

If you're a pay-to-win player, that won't matter. But this is very important for players to play for free. Coins are hard to find as you are given a lot of money after each win, so it's wise to save them for player upgrades.


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