What is Brawl Stars Power League?

Brawl Stars Power League  ; In this article, Brawl Stars'On Power League You can find what you are wondering about the game mode..Brawl Stars Power League If you're curious about the rules, league standings and all the available rewards, read on…

What is Brawl Stars Power League?

Power Leagueis a new competitive game mode that tests each player's skills in Best of 3 format matches.Power League You can race in Solo Mode or Team Mode. Earn Star Points as a reward based on your highest rank at the end of each season!

of the players In the Power League There are two modes to choose from while playing. Each mode has its own rank and progression, so it is recommended that you only focus on one of them to reach higher tiers faster!

Solo Mode You will be matched with 2 random players of the same rank or at least 2 levels close to your level.
Team Mode In the Power League You will need to form a party of three before you start playing.

Brawl Stars Power League Rankings and Rewards

Bronze 1: 0-149
Bronze 2: 150-299
Bronze 3: 300-449
Silver 1: 450-599
Silver 2: 600-749
Silver 3: 750-899
Gold 1: 900-1049
Gold 2: 1050-1199
Gold 3: 1200-1499


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Brawl Stars Power League Rules


  • power league You need a total of 4.500 trophies to unlock it.
  • Solo and Team Mode have separate ranks and progression.
  • all players Power League can always play unlimited.
  • The duration of the power league is the same as the Brawl Pass.


  • Here power league Once you win the match, your ranking bar will increase until you reach the next level. You will get more points when you win against higher ranked opponents.
  • Your starting level in the power league, Power League It will be based on the highest Power Play Trophies you achieved prior to its update.
  • Power League Your ranking will drop after the season ends.
  • Top 500 players at least once a week to maintain their current standings for the season Power League should play the game.

Game Matching and Combat

  • In Solo Mode, your opponents and teammates will be as close as your current rank.
  • In Team Mode, you will be matched with a team based on the person with the highest rank in the party.
  • The match format will be Best 3. The first team to win two wins.
  • Disconnection or leaving in the middle of a match can result in a penalty. in such a case Power League You won't be able to play for a while.
  • Each team has a Captain. In Solo Mode the Captain is the one with the highest progress in the Power League, while in Team mode the Captain will be the leader of the party.
  • You cannot choose the same fighter as your opponent or teammate.

How to Play Brawl Stars Power League?


  1. Map Selection : in the power league When you tap the play button, the game will automatically select a map. It will be a random map, so being familiar with all of them will give you an edge in battle.
  2. Heads or tails : After map selection, a coin will be flipped to know which team will pick the first Brawler and the last character in the match.
  3. Prohibition: Brawler selection will begin with a Ban Phase. Each team can only ban one character, and only the Team Captain can do that.
  4. Character Selection: The team that wins the Coin Flip will be the first to pick a character once the Banning Phase is complete. Each team will take turns choosing and the Captain on the other team will choose the last character.
  5. Final Preparation : Both teams will take a few seconds to choose their desired accessory or Star Power during the Final Preparation phase. The game will start when the Final Preparation Phase ends.


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