Brawl Stars Balance Changes and Fixes

With Release notes from 08/02/2021 Brawl Stars Balance Changes and Fixes done.

You can find these changes and corrections in our article.


Brawl Stars Balance Changes and Fixes
Brawl Stars Balance Changes and Fixes

Balance Changes and Fixes

  • Bo
    • Super Totem's power now weakens the more the player fills his super.
    • The first Super charge occurs at full speed. Afterwards, the Totem charges 50% less per second until it reaches 1% charge.
    • This effect is handled individually for each player.
  • Edgar
    • Main attack Super recharge rate increased from 10 to 12 hits.
  • Jessie
    • Main attack damage reduced from 1120 to 1060.
  • Bea
    • Increased the number of bees in the Angry Hive to 4.
    • Angry Hive bees now stop after the first target they hit.
    • Angry Hive bee damage reduced from 800 to 600.
    • Frustrated Hive bees' flight range has been narrowed and flight speed has been slightly slowed.
  • Byron
    • Health reduced from 2500 to 2400.
    • Main Attack damage reduced from 400 to 380.


  • fixes
    • Fixed an issue that caused some maps to be unintentionally banned after player reporting.
    • War BallNda SproutFixed some behavioral issues with 's Super'.
    • Reckoningyour boxes SproutFixed the issue where the 'Super' was pushed back.
    • Fixed an issue where Ruffs' badges were incorrectly unlocked from the badge pack.
    • Colette ve Lou badges have been added to Badge Packs.
Brawl Stars Balance Changes and Fixes
Brawl Stars Balance Changes and Fixes


Tara and Tick's second accessories!

Tare: Three weak shadows appear around Tara. Shadows attack enemies and disappear after 6 seconds.

Right of use per match: 3

tick: Tick ​​takes no damage for 1.0 seconds and then explodes, dealing 1000 damage.

Use per game: 3

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