Brawl Stars Extremely Rare Characters 2021

In this article, we will talk about Extremely Rare characters, one of the 7 Brawl Stars character classes.

Brawl Stars Character Types

There are 7 types of Brawl Stars characters and they are as follows:

These characters listed above show the order of power in the game played. These Extremely Rare characters currently contain 5 characters.

Brawl Stars Extremely Rare Characters

  • Rico : 3640 Rico, who has a life, is one of the game's powerful and hard-to-beat characters. Rico Brawl Stars is one of the game's very rare snipers. Rico deals substantial damage to enemies with a burst of shells. He has low health and moderately high damage output.
  • Darryl: 5000 Darrly Brawl Stars, who has health, is a warrior that players often choose when something goes wrong in the game. It becomes unstoppable when improved in terms of features. When used in the right places during the war, it can completely change the course of the war.
  • penny : 3200 Penny, who has health, tosses bags of coins, damaging the target and anyone behind her. Her signature ability is a mortar-style cannon turret. Penny has medium health and a long-range attack that deals splash damage when hitting a target.
  • Carl : 6160 Carl, who has health, throws his Pickaxe like a boomerang. Because Carl is one of the characters with the highest health level in the game; Known for leaping forward in teamfights and absorbing all damage.
  • Jacky : 5000 soulful Jackyactivates his Jackhammer to shake the ground and nearby enemies. With its high defense and impressive damage at close range, Jacky is one of the most preferred characters, especially by players who like to inflict high area damage at close range.

Brawl Stars Extremely Rare Character Extraction Tactic

Players who want to get an extreme rare character can add the character to their collection by opening battle boxes or buying them with diamonds.

Master players recommend collecting trophies and opening boxes instead of buying them with diamonds. In this way, he can gain experience, become a better player, and enjoy the game more.

The way to have characters in organic ways is to collect trophies, diamonds and boxes in the game. For players who take time to play, this takes time, but it is not impossible to do. In this way, the player learns the strategies and improves in the game.

With the prizes, accumulated trophies and diamonds from the boxes, the player can create characters. As the player improves, it becomes easier to collect trophies, diamonds and boxes.