Boss Battle Brawl Stars Game Mode Guide

Brawl Stars Boss Battle

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Brawl Stars Boss Battle How to play ?


Brawl Stars Boss Battle Levels

Each time he defeats the Boss, he gains more health, damage, and abilities. The last Boss you can challenge is Crazy XVI.


Brawl Stars Boss Battle Best Characters ?

Boss Battle Top Characters

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  • Colt:colt has very high damage and can shoot from a distance so that he can safely evade the Boss' melee attack, First Star PowerSpring Bootsr With this he can dodge Boos' laser attack and long-range rockets even better. increased movement speed. Colt's Super is great at dealing massive area damage, defeating smaller bots as well as damaging the Boss.  Spring Boots  a Colt to maximize his damage and keep him alive throughout the match Must collect Power Cubes. When Colt needs to do more damage, First accessory: Quick Rechargecan be used to instantly reload two ammo slots.
  • Max: High speed, Max to Boss and minions excellent advantage in dodging incoming attacks and allows him to easily go out of range when he needs to heal. His Signature ability is especially useful for the entire team when being attacked from multiple directions or when a teammate can't escape fast enough otherwise.
    • If he gets Power Cubes, he can act as an even faster version of Colt and still deal enough damage to beat advanced difficulty levels. Also, Max has to block an incoming laser attack. First accessory Phase Changer He can also support his teammates using his immune shield.
    • Star Forces serve different purposes: Super FillStar Powercan provide ongoing support to teammates and Nonstop Fire star power, allowing Max to deal sustained damage to the Boss, making him again a Colt alternative.
  • Gale: With the Boss Robot's wide hitbox, Gale can hit the Boss with all his snowball attacks, dealing maximum damage. relative a long range ve Trampoline accessory With this, Gale can gain the upper hand in keeping her distance from the Boss. Gale's Super can block and stop the Boss from firing his laser attack, and  First Star Power Stunning Blow This gives Gale and his teammates time to attack/retreat.
  • Pam: Pam's has exceptional melee damage and high health, which allows him to stay close to the Boss. During previous rage levels, Super and First Star Power Mother's Hughelps the team dodge the damage done by the smaller bots and focus on inflicting as much damage on the Boss as possible.
    • Later in the game he will inevitably die in more difficult levels, but due to the inability to escape from the chains of missile attacks and also deal with other attacks from Boss and minions. It will still be useful later in the game when Pam respawns, helping to push the Boss away from Colt and/or Bull and damaging as many Bosses and minions as she can. Also, to instantly heal allies if they are within Super's radius accessory Pulse Modulator You can use.
  • Bull: Bull's role depends on his partners. Pam ve Colt with, in the best support role, managing the Boss and protecting his teammates. Pam ve 8-BIT He can play a much more aggressive role with his, picking up Power Cubes and focusing on the Boss to take advantage of dealing more damage per second than any other player. More talented players Bullu Berserker Star Power You can keep it below 60% to use and the amount of damage dealt to the Boss when well supported by teammatesi two can fold.
  • 8-BIT: 8-BIT is solid against a team that can deal massive damage in the first few minutes of a Boss Fight match. can provide support. If his tower is placed where everyone can benefit from the damage increase, that's almost as good as having a fourth team member. The long range and tight focus of its shells make it particularly well suited for hunting minions before they get close to team members. He can often be defeated in the middle of the game due to his slow movement speed, but can still provide good support while regenerating.
  • Rico: Mechanical Escape Star Power Keeping Rico's health below 40% is a viable strategy. Her speed boost when her health is low can give her teammates time to respawn. Rico's Super needs to find a wall and a suitable angle to maximize his damage.
  • Bea: Despite her low health, collecting Power Cubes allows Bea's supercharged shot to deal devastating amounts of damage to both bot minions and Boss while safely keeping distance; Also, the slowing Super and Second accessory Angry HiveThanks to it, minions can defeat multiple robots more easily. If she's the only surviving teammate to avoid losing Power Cubes, it can be incredibly life-saving. Second Star PowerBaldan JacketIt is highly recommended to use it, so Bea must survive as long as possible throughout the match to avoid wastage.
  • Edgar: Has an extremely fast reload and heal-per-hit ability Edgar can constantly damage the Boss despite his very short range.r. His Super ability is particularly useful as it charges automatically, and his speed boost can help Edgar avoid long range attacks; For this I'm flying! Accessory It can also be used in emergencies.
  • Lou: Lou's due to lower health and damage Boss WarYou think it will be bad. But with the support of his teammates, lou can stop laser attacks by chaining the boss with a chain stun. Lou's Super also seems to be mixing up the boots. A skilled Lou, whether tanking lasers or missiles, accessory of the Ice Blockwill need support. Lou's first star power grants maximum stun.


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brawl stars boss battle guide

Boss War How to Earn?

Brawl Stars Boss War tactics

  • Respawn time is 5 seconds instead of the usual 20, That's why Survival is important. The boss will also become harder to defeat as time progresses, making it necessary to avoid dying and continue dealing damage as quickly as possible.
  • Boss' attacks are very predictable, which makes it easier to dodge them. To avoid lasers from robot walls use it wisely and much more try not to destroy it.
  • The Boss will always fire their lasers in a clockwise motion, so it's recommended to move counterclockwise around the Boss if you can't avoid them completely. It's easier to completely dodge lasers when you're close to the boss, but you run the risk of being hit by more lasers if you're not completely out of their range.
  • Try to inflict as much damage as possible before the boss gets angry.
  • your boss anger level not from the level of health, affected by the timer. Attacks the Boss can perform at higher rage stages make it harder to deal damage.
  • In the insane levels, a player must focus on collecting all the Power Cubes. This is to get the most out of the cubes. fastest and longest range must be a player. Slower, short-range players often don't survive and can't get close enough to deal much damage later in the game. Alternatively, Bull (when partnered with Pam and 8-Bit) can effectively use cubes to stay close to a cornered Boss and deal excessive damage. It is important that the designated player who collects the cubes is not defeated because these cubes will be lost.
  • The boss will always walk towards the nearest player (or will attack). It can be used to lead the Boss in a certain direction, placing them in the most beneficial position for their teammates to harm them, and helping to prevent them from getting too close to their vulnerable teammates.
  • At Master and above, the Boss will start firing rockets targeting the closest players. Have a fast player to be close to the Boss to shoot and dodge rockets and deal damage to the Boss, while 2 players with longer range will destroy the minions and target the Boss from afar.
  • You can know whether the Boss will use the laser attack or the offensive attack. If the boss makes some noises and three red lines flash around him, he will fire lasers. Otherwise, it will be charged onward.
  • Once the Boss stops using an attack, preferably the laser attack, take the chance to attack him from the side or from behind, as he is completely vulnerable to attacks.
  • If the boss is stunned or knocked back while using lasers, they suddenly stop firing the lasers, making it easier for you and your teammates to survive. You can use this to your advantage by stunning or knocking back the Boss when they're about to fire the lasers.


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